2.2K Watt PSU And Quick Connect Liquid Cooling With EVGA At CES 2018

evga case

EVGA typically uses CES to showcase a handful of new or upcoming products, and this year’s show was no exception. EVGA’s suite was packed with an array of graphics cards, motherboards, cases, peripherals, and new cooling products that squarely target enthusiasts, do-it-yourselfers, and gamers. Among the products on display were a monstrous 2,200W power supply and hydro-copper K|NGP|N GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

Above is a quick look at a few of the stand-outs featured in EVGA’s suite. The EVGA 2,200W SuperNova P2 power supply will supplant the company’s previous 1,600W model at the top of its PSU line-up. This 2,200W, platinum-rated behemoth is capable of using more power than a typical 110V home electrical circuit can provide, so the 2,200W SuperNova P2 requires a 220V circuit. This beast of a PSU features all modular cables, support for 18, 6+2 PCIe power connectors, and features a 140mm double ball-bearing cooling fan. Pricing and expected availability weren’t given, but expect this bad boy to cost a pretty penny – and for all of the hardcore miners itching for a product like this to gobble them up immediately.
evga clc coolers

EVGA continued to flesh-out is CLC, or Closed-Loop-Coolers, liquid-cooling ecosystem as well. The quick-disconnects, which will allow users to essentially piece together a custom liquid-cooling loop in minutes, were on display along with some new snap-in bend modules that give the flexible tubing more of a hardline look. The snap-in modules will be available in an array of colors and are super-easy to install (or remove).

evga clc bends

EVGA was also showing off a bevy of cases. The DG-73, DG-77, and DG-87 were front and center. The cases have all been previously revealed and have a few common traits. As is typical of EVGA, the cases target enthusiasts and they feature plenty of cooling, room for large / long GPUs, and can accommodate an array of liquid-cooling components.

evga dg 77 white

EVGA’s recently revealed X299 Dark motherboard and its SC 15 laptop were on display as well, along with the Z10 mechanical gaming keyboard and the K|NGP|N GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, in both air and hydro-copper-cooled varieties. The Z10 has been in development for quite some time, but was shown alongside its companion app at CES 2018.

evga z10 app