2016 Brings 14nm ‘Zen’ Mobile And Desktop Processor Onslaught From AMD

Holy 14nm, Batman! If the slides that have been appearing online are real, it looks like AMD will soon announce a new lineup of CPUs based on 14nm technology. The leaked roadmap slides appear to show AMD’s plans for both mobile and desktop processors in 2016.

amd roadmap2

On the mobility side of things, AMD appears to have three new 14nm SoCs planned: Bristol Ridge, Basilisk, and Styx. The Bristol Ridge line will feature as many as four Zen CPU cores and will be the go-to for mainstream/performance devices. Basilisk and Styx, on the other hand, will be low- and ultra-low power units, respectively. Styx will usher in K12 microarchitecture.

amd roadmap1

For desktops in 2016, AMD appears to be looking at 14nm all the way, just as it is with mobile. The codenames here are Summit Ridge, Bristol Ridge, and Basilisk, for performance, mainstream, and entry level/ small form factor systems, respectively. The Summit Ridge CPU is not labeled as an SoC, which makes sense – it’s the max performance chip and will be following the 2nd generation FX processor AMD has slated for 2015.

As we mentioned, this information hasn’t been confirmed yet. AMD will likely be making an announcement in early May (May 6th, if the slides are correct) that will shed more light on its plans.