2006 PVR Guide

HTPCNews has put together a nice little PVR guide for those interested in adding Tivo style functionality to their PC.  Having been an ATI All-In-Wonder user since the original Radeon series (VIVO before that), these features are absolute must haves for me.  In fact, the first component I bought when I purchased my most recent laptop in July was a PVR (Diamond XtremeTV PVR660 USB).  Needless to say the quality is phenomenal compared to many of the PCI/AGP all-in-one solutions I have had in the past.  HTPCNews rounds up many of the formats:

This guide is to give people the background information and pictures to understand what hardware MPEG2 encoding card they own or are thinking about owning. This guide started off with the need to explain to people which card was which. This is especially true for those considering buying from Internet auction sites. There have been many cases of vendors claiming to sell one card but in fact have a different card. This is to arm you the HTPC user with an understanding of what the differences are between the cards.

If you are interested in adding PVR functionality to your PC, then I recommend you head on over and take a look.  For reference, you might want to also take a look at our review of ATI's latest PVR, the ATI Theater 650 PRO.