1GHz Marvell Processor for Mobile Devices

Can you imagine having the processing power of an entry level laptop on a smartphone? Thanks to Marvell’s new 1GHz PXA168 processor, it’s possible that we might see some ultra-powerful smartphones in the not so distant future. Not only could the 1GHz PXA168 processor be a great addition to smartphones, but it could also improve the performance of PMPs, MIDs, portable TVs, connected digital photo frames, portable navigation devices, and many other mobile devices. What’s more, since Marvell processors tend to consume little power, they’re especially perfect for these types of mobile devices.

Marvell PXA168 processorThe Marvell PXA168 is based on a new architecture. The core itself is powered by Marvell Sheeva technology and is scalable beyond 1GHz. A multimedia coprocessor powered by Intel’s Wireless MMX 2 technology and a graphics engine enables HD video and rich GUIs. The processor also has integrated Southbridge support for peripherals. The PXA168 supports Linux and Microsoft Windows CE operating systems along with various codecs and middleware. For complete specs and to learn more about the processor, download the product brief.

According to the company, this processor “delivers the processing capabilities of an entry-level laptop to instant-on, digital consumer devices by enabling full-featured Web surfing, Internet widgets, multi-format video, Adobe Flash-based content playback, image processing, video conferencing, and advanced graphical user interfaces (GUIs).”

If the sky is the limit, what types of devices would you like to see with this new processor? Our vote goes to low-cost UMPCs and netbooks, especially since the Marvell PXA168 supports high-resolution displays up to WUXGA.