180 Kansas City “Fiberhoods” Getting Google Fiber, Construction to Begin Within Weeks

There’s never been a better time to live in the Hanover Heights area of Kansas City. That’s the lucky “fiberhood” that will be the first to receive Google Fiber, which will deliver one gigabit Internet speeds. Google says that construction will begin within a few weeks.

After Hanover Heights, Google is planning to install Google Fiber in 179 additional KC neighborhoods, with the last one--the Lykins North area--getting the speedy service a year or so from now. The first fiberhood on the Missouri side of the city will be Crown Center, where construction will commence this spring.

Google Fiber MO
Google Fiber coverage (in blue) coming to the Missouri side of Kansas City

Of course, being blessed with access to Google Fiber doesn’t mean that these folks won’t pay for it. Those who opt for the highest service tier, dubbed Gigabit+TV, will be paying $120 per month plus taxes and fees with a 2-year contract. Granted, that will get you gigabit speed (both up and down); a full spate of TV channels; no data caps; 1TB of space on Google Drive; a Nexus 7 tablet (because hey, why not); and Google’s TV Box, Storage Box, and Network Box.

Complete Google Package
The Complete Google Package

If all that isn’t quite worth the money to users, they can also opt for a $70 per month plan (plus taxes and fees, with a one-year contract) that includes the same Internet speeds as above, no data caps, the 1TB Google Drive, and a Network Box.

There is one tier of users who will get free service; those who are happy with 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up will get free Internet service from Google for seven years. They’ll have to spring for a one-time $300 construction fee, but otherwise they’ll enjoy no data caps, a Google Network Box, and the possibility to upgrade to a higher service tier any time.