17" MacBook Pro Seeing Graphical Glitches

Plopped down three or four grand on a brand spankin' new 17" MacBook Pro, did you now? Noticed any weird graphical glitches yet? Apparently a whole crowd of furious new owners have, as evidenced by the quickly growing thread on the matter over at Apple's website. From what we've gathered, a noticeable amount of new 17" MBP machines are demonstrating weird colors, lines and other GPU-related anomalies that definitely should not be seen on any notebook, let alone a flagship product costing thousands of dollars.

Many have pointed the finger at NVIDIA's discrete GeForce 9600M GPU, while others have asserted that Apple's fan management coding could be to blame. It seems that at least on some machines, the fans aren't kicking in appropriately when the GPU is taxed, thus causing all sorts of unwanted side effects from overheating. Unfortunately, there are also users who have witnessed their fans whir and idle correctly while the problem persists. In other words, it's completely up in the air what the real culprit is at this point.

We've seen quotes from NVIDIA noting that its engineers along with those at Apple are working tirelessly to figure out a definite cause and solution, but we've seen no firmware updates or the like just yet. Are you seeing any uninvited lines or colors on your new 17" MacBook Pro? If so, what's the situation? At a glance, it appears that you aren't alone if you're experiencing these quirks, and hopefully a solution is just around the bend.