15 Year-Old Google Science Fair Finalist Impresses with Body-Heat Powered Flashlight

Every now and then, it's easy to forget that certain items sure could use a dash of innovation. Every eight or so years, our entertainment + gaming consoles are completely overhauled. Even now, automobiles are evolving from gas to electric. But what about the flashlight? Sure, there have been minor advances, but when is the last time you saw a flashlight innovation making the evening news? Now, a 15-year old girl has been selected into the finals of the Google Science Fair, and she's shining nearly as brightly as the hollow flashlight project that has brought her here.

Ann Makosinski, a 10th-grader, is just one of 15 students from a global pool to find themselves in the finals. This certainly isn't her first entry, but it's getting a ton of traction. She stumbled upon Peltier tiles while investigating alternative energies years ago (yes, for real), and she went on to create a body-heat-powered flashlight. The total cost for the flashlight prototypes that she has built totals around $26, so mass production is well within sight.

So, what did you do again as a teenager? (Shouldn't we all be asking ourselves that?)