$1,000 App Hits The App Store, Again

You may recall "I Am Rich," the somewhat bogus $1,000 iPhone app that made it into the App Store in mid-2008, then was dropped when Apple realized how silly it was.  Despite that, six people actually purchased it before it was booted out.  Now we have another $1,000 app, and this one might be worth it.

"I Am Rich" simply showed a screenshot of some bling. Anyone who would waste their money on that app had to be rich to justify it. 

 Meanwhile, the new $1,000 app, BarMax CA, so named because it currently only covers California, is an app designed to help law students study for and pass the bar exam. Bar exams are notoriously difficult, and the classes offered to help study for them typically run into the thousands.

For example, if you take a look at California pricing at BarBri, which also has an iPhone app, you'll see that the tuition is $3,600. The iPhone app is free, but you need to not just pay for tuition, but also a $750 upgrade to BarBri Mobile.

Here's how the BarMax CA app is described on the company's website:
Take 50 pounds of books and condense them into the palm of your hand. With BarMax, you squeeze thousands of pages of bar exam course material and over 1,500 real multiple choice and essay practice questions into your iPhone or iPod Touch. In addition, once you purchase the app, we send you a complete Welcome Packet with hundreds of pages of supplemental material, on-screen outlines, practice exams, and suggested as well as optional hard copy printouts.
Not only that, if you don't have your own iPhone or iPod touch, they'll send you one with the course materials. Of course, it's probably the lowest-priced iPod touch, but hey, it's something extra, at least, for your $1,000.