Will Apple Launch A Cloud Music Service Before Google?

According to Reuters, Apple is developing an online music storage service that will let iTunes customers store their songs on a remote server and access them from anywhere they have an Internet connection. As you may recall, Amazon launched a music locker service known as Cloud Player earlier this month. It didn't have any licensing agreements with music companies, and as a result, has faced threats of legal action.

At the time of the launch, Amazon claimed it didn't need licenses to offer its service. Not long ago however, Amazon was in talks with some labels in an attempt to reach agreements for a more sophisticated locker service.

Instead of following in Amazon's footsteps of asking for forgiveness later, Apple is taking a different approach and has already begun talks with major music labels. Although Apple hasn't signed any new licenses for the service, Reuters cites sources that claim "major music labels are hoping to secure deals before the service is launched."

Google is also said to be planning a music locker service, though it appears the company's efforts have stalled. Google was originally expected to launch a music service as part of its Android mobile operating system as far back as last December. Music industry executives have suggested that changes in Google's top management may be part of the reason for the delays.

Of course time will tell, but given all this, it appears Apple may in fact beat Google to launching an online music storage service.