Valve Announces Encore to Steam Holiday Sale This Weekend

It's a sad thing when you step into a GameStop or Babbages (formerly Software Etc.) and see just a single rack dedicated to PC games, but hey, we don't have it so bad. Valve has picked up the torch with its Steam platform, and it seems there's always a major sale going on. The most recent was the Steam Holiday Sale, which saw big discounts on several titles, some as high as 75 percent off. Did you miss it? Don't worry, you're getting a second chance.

"Gamers will have a final opportunity to get their favorite games on Steam. A select number of the most sought-after titles from the Steam Holiday Sale will reprise their biggest discounts for two additional days," Valve announced in a blog post. "The Encore Weekend begins at 10am PST on January 5th (Saturday) and run until 10am PST on January 7th (Monday)."

Steam Sale

For those of you on the East Coast, the sale begins today at 1pm EST and runs until the same time on Monday. Regardless of where you live, this will be yet another good opportunity to beef up your PC games catalog, though Valve didn't announce which specific titles will be marked down for a second time.