Silicon Valley: High Salaries, High Costs

The economy is still in shambles for many industries that are trying to recover, but one are that is exploding is tech. In particular, Silicon Valley has rebounded in the last 12 months ahead of the economy in ways that mean only one thing: tech is hot and getting hotter.

Social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and (now) Google are growing like weeds. The average salaries for those working at LinkedIn, Paypal, and Apple are much higher than anywhere else in the nation.
 Of course, the cost of living is equally higher relative to the rest of the country. It's the price one must pay to be in the heart of the technology world.

This graphic by our friends at Focus breaks down what has been happening in Silicon Valley over the last year and points to trends of an even greater increase in jobs and salaries. There are currently more tech-related Silicon Valley jobs than there were during the dotcom hayday. Will this bubble burst as well?