More Summer Kickback, The Grand Finale With BW and Mrs. BW

Today was a day of days; the last day of our vacation and simply perfect.  Yesterday we were graced with the presence of none other than Marco and his lovely wife, Adrienne.  The weather was exceptional and so we took to the high seas for a little cruising, fishing and soaking up just a few stray UVs.  Alright then, a bit of perspective is in order I guess.  I'm the son of a commercial Lobster Fisherman and was fortunate enough to spend the better part of my boyhood on the water. So when folks say they want to go fishing with you, it's sort of like an invitation to show somebody around your old stomping grounds.  What fun!  And of course, since technically we work together as well, the whole day of revelry and debauchery becomes an excuse to blow off work!  I'm going to get misty here I think...


You know, for a city boy, ol' BW handles himself pretty well on the water too.  And his lady-friend, well she caught the most fish.  So that about tells you how the Chiappettas roll.  I do have one small quip... When you're a native "Capey", you're use to seeing tourist folks strapping on the obligatory lobster bib when sitting down for a seafood feast, just so they don't get "messy".  Boy, that's not lobster juice squirtin' at ya.  That's what we call cologne down here!

OK, OK, I had to slap on the bib with El' Wopo because, you know, I'm a good wingman like that.  Can't let a brother look like a tourist-goober all alone.  That just ain't right, so there you go.  Dual tourist bibs rockin' it at Clancy's Fish 'n Chips.  And folks, that was one ex-lobster when Marco got done with it.  Here's to summer and a little decompression.