Max Payne, The Movie. My Fingers are Crossed.

Max Payne Movie PosterAs I'm sure you're all well aware, Hollywood has a long history of producing sub-par (way sub-par) movies based on popular video game franchises.  With a few rare exceptions, just about every movie based on a video game, from Super Mario Brothers to Doom, has stunk on multiple different levels.  We'll give Mortal Kombat a pass because Bridget Wilson was in tights practically the whole movie, and a Resident Evil sort of worked, but you get the point.

From the looks of the Max Payne trailer that was just posted today, however, it appears Hollywood may actually get this one right.  And I really hope they do because, well, Max Payne rules.  From the first moment I used bullet time to wax a couple of bad guys, to the random wierdness of the dream sequences, I knew Max Payne was my type of game.


May Payne Trailer
Max Payne Movie Trailer, Courtesy of ShackNews


I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but the trailer actually looks pretty cool.  Mark Walberg (who I tried to beat up, along with the rest of the funky bunch, when I was a teenager) is totally believable as Max Payne.  And although you only get a glimpse of her, Mila Kunis can't help but be hot throughout.  Seeing Ludacris in there though.  Hmmm.  Not sure about that one, but then again he was kinda cool in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

I guess other than Nehalem, it looks like us geeks have something else to look forward to in Q4 '08. The move is due to hit on October 18.  I'll be there.  Hopefully, I won't leave making that "do you smell something funny" face that the digital Max was known for...