HotHardware, Socially Acceptable and Accessible

Social media and social networking is definitely a booming market these days and it stands to reason with a growing Internet audience and the explosion of new web-based services for the readership community.  There are virtually thousands of different sites you can dive into but of course, as with anything, some are better than others and still others aren't even worth your bandwidth.  Whether you digg, stumble, reddit, propeller, mixx, or flickr, it seems there's nothing quite like the buzz (pun intended) of the collective voice of folks from all walks of life, especially when there's a great web site engine empowering people.

As you've probably noticed, we've also been building out the HH infrastructure here, with both new content sections and new conversational features that allow you to contribute and socialize here as well.  And of course we have our standard assortment of RSS feeds and email blasts that allow you to get your HH on the fly and rolled up neat for easy digestion.  And of course, we're all about spreading the HH love around to other places as well, so we're now Twittering and on Facebook too!

HotHardware's Tweets (left) and The HH Facebook Page (right)

So if you're a Facebook voyeur or twitter addict, you now can get your HH double shot of technology kick-it-up juice via these two great networking sites.  Either that or just come here, early and often.  We promise you a heapin' helping of tech gadget love, all day, every day -- even if you're the anti-social type.