Death By Rocket Launcher. Sort of.

Every once in a while, something happens in a gamer's life that sticks out in his or her memory. I had one of those moments tonight playing a little Unreal Tournament 3. I was just taking one of my usual 20 minutes breaks for a round of Vehicle Capture the Flag on the Suspense map, and just as the match was ending (my team won 2 to 1), I got clipped while standing near the red flag. This was the position I died in...

"You using the whole rocket launcher there, doc?" -- Fletch

I knew folks from all walks of life loved to game, but a proctologist with an affinity for rocket launchers I would have never of guessed. I'm not the only one that sees the humor in this, right? Is that rocket launcher in an unfortunate position, or do I just have a sick mind and am seeing things that a "normal" gamer wouldn't?