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Pogoplug NAS Device Review

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While the Pogoplug is designed primarily to be a simple and inexpensive NAS and remote file-access solution, let's not forget that the device is actually a functional Linux-based computer. What this means is that anyone who has the wherewithal and means to expand the functionality of the Pogoplug, can add additional features to the device. In response to a query we had about the Pogoplug's ability to also act a print server, CloudEngine's CTO, Brad Dietrich, told us: "Many of our customers have added CUPS and SAMBA to the Pogoplug using either pre-built packages for other ARM distributions or from the source code to fully enable USB print serving."

USB printing is a feature that we wish the Pogoplug included natively; we also wish the Pogoplug included a built-in iTunes server. According to Dietrich, some users have also successfully installed DAAP (Digital Audio Access Protocol) servers to add iTunes server functionality to the Pogoplug. In fact, an entire open-source community has popped up to do exactly this. One such community,
OpenPogo, provides instructions and downloads so that users can add features to their Pogoplug via Linux SSH shell access, such as making the Pogoplug a SAMBA server, BitTorrent client, or Web server.



The OpenPogo community site provides
information on how to hack the Pogoplug to
increase its functionality.

There are many apps available for
download for the Pogoplug at the
OpenPogo community site.

The vast majority of users, however, are not likely to want to hack their Pogoplug--at least not the user base that CloudEngines is targeting. As to what sort of functionality we might see added over time to the Pogoplug, this is what Dietrich had to say:

"We are focusing most of our time on differentiating our product with remote access and ease-of-use features. Saying that, we will continue to innovate and add features even to existing Pogpolugs in the field.  We listen to our users and add the features that are in high demand with automatic firmware upgrades in the field."

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The Pogoplug makes a great web server too:  www.AzaleaRSS.com/Pogoplug

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Kudos to the first product made from the Sheevaplug to come to market.

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If I wasn't able to mount pogoplug as a virtual drive in linux, I'd throw it in the trash! The first android pogoplug app hardly worked, but at least I could view .avi files. The new app has a pop up that says"must have video player that supports .avi files",although with the original app I used the default video player on my elocity a7 and it played these files just fine. Further more when I try to use the original pogoplug android app the startup screen informs me that there is a new app on the market and I am unable to access any thing at all within the old app. All in all I'm glad that I found a super cheap deal on the pogoplug for $39.99, because I'd want to kick my self if I had spent any more money on it. The old pogoplug android app was like to garbage waiting on the curb for monday trash pickup and for the new app is as to the likes of the land fill. I wouldn't recommend this to any one to use as a personal cloud solution for use on an android device. I can't speak for how it works on the apple devices. I realy think the way this pogoplug app for android was developed is a complete disregard for pogoplug customers. I recommend don't waist your money on this pogoplug pro device, you get what you pay for and I only spent $39.99. :(

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