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Zotac ZBOX ID80 Plus Mini PC Review

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3D Gaming: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Gaming Performance


If you set the resolution low enough and dial down the quality settings, you can muster barely playable frame rates in a game like Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, but the combination of an Atom D2700 processor and GeForce GT 520M GPU just doesn't add up to a potent pixel pushing one-two punch.

Left 4 Dead 2
Gaming Performance

Left 4 Dead 2

In our Left 4 Dead 2 test, we use a custom Time Demo that involves plenty of fast action, some explosions, and plenty of people and objects on the screen at the same time.

We saw more of the same in Left 4 Dead 2, even with all the eye candy turned off. To continue beating a dead horse, this just isn't a system you'll be doing a lot of gaming on, outside of casual titles and Flash-based games.

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Those E-350 APU's seem to be spanking this box.
What is the price difference between this and them?

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Wow AMD is just crushing Intel in this arena. It would be hard to recommend the Intel box, since the AMD version performs way better while using less power.

Wish AMD could do this further up the food chain.

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It looks like Intel is also crushing Intel - the D525/Ion2 also beat the D2700/GT520. The performance difference between the D525 and D2700 should at worst be negligible, but the GT520 should handily beat the Ion2 right? What's going on here, bad drivers? Heat?

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