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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580: A New Flagship Emerges

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How We Configured Our Test Systems: We tested the graphics cards in this article on a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard powered by a Core i7 965 quad-core processor and 6GB of OCZ DDR3-1333 RAM. The first thing we did when configuring the test system was enter the system BIOS and set all values to their "optimized" or "high performance" default settings. Then we manually configured the memory timings and disabled any integrated peripherals that wouldn't be put to use. The hard drive was then formatted, and Windows 7 Ultimate x64 was installed. When the installation was complete we fully updated the OS and installed the latest hotfixes, along with the necessary drivers and applications.

HotHardware's Test Systems
Core i7 Powered

Hardware Used:
Core i7 965 (3.2GHz)
Gigabyte EX58-UD5 (X58 Express)

Radeon HD 5850 (2)
Radeon HD 5870 (2)
Radeon HD 6850 (2)
Radeon HD 6870 (2)
GeForce GTX 460 (2)
GeForce GTX 470 (2)
GeForce GTX 460 OC (EVGA)
GeForce GTX 470 OC (Galaxy)
GeForce GTX 480 (2)
GeForce GTX 480 OC (Gigabyte)
GeForce GTX 580 (2)

6GB OCZ DDR3-1333
Western Digital Raptor 150GB
Integrated Audio
Integrated Network

Relevant Software:
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
DirectX June 2010 Redist
ATI Catalyst v10.10d
NVIDIA GeForce Drivers 262.99

Benchmarks Used:

Unigine Heaven v2.1
3DMark Vantage v1.0.1
FarCry 2
Just Cause 2
Alien vs. Predator
Left 4 Dead 2*
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars v1.5*

* - Custom benchmark

Unigine Heaven v2.1 Benchmark
Synthetic DirectX 11 Gaming

Unigine Heaven

The Unigine Heaven Benchmark v2.0 is built around the Unigine game engine. Unigine is a cross-platform real-time 3D engine, with support for DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and OpenGL. The Heaven benchmark--when run in DX11 mode--also makes comprehensive use of tessellation technology and advanced SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion), and it also features volumetric cumulonimbus clouds generated by a physically accurate algorithm and a dynamic sky with light scattering.

NVIDIA's Fermi-architecture based derivatives are partially known for their excellent geometry and tessellation capabilities, hence their strong performance in the Unigine Heaven benchmark. This test features and extreme tessellation load that's much more taxing than what is used is today's DX11 games, but it offers a clear view as to the relative tessellation performance of the GPUs we tested here. As you can see, the GeForce GTX 580 clearly leads the pack, easily besting even AMD's dual-GPU powered Radeon HD 5970.

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Nice little review and as it turns out, the card is exactly what I said on this site several times.  An actual completely turned on GTX480.

All in all, I think the HD68X0 in Crossfire is a better deal than this card if you do not need Cuda capability.  Less money and less power draw for the same or better performance.  I can't wait to see how a HD6970 performs.

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If you want the absolute best, this is the card you want...

Otherwise, for $500 I could pick up 2 GTX470 and outperform a single GTX580

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I think not, clearly this is a room heater and maybe 4 or 5 people can actually afford $700 for a card. No thanks I'll take AMD 6970 2GB FTW.

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Bad company 2 please =)

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^ BC2 rox!!!

+ -

You mean you want that in the benchmark runs? :)

+ -

Well its given, every one wants bfbc2.

+ -


Well its given, every one wants bfbc2.

Hmm. I have this game. Can't remember where I got it. Some kick ass tech site. Though I really suck at online to the point that it is not fun at all for me. My little brother plays it a lot though. He seems to really enjoy it. The single player was pretty fun.

+ -

fat78, recoveringknowitall, Schmich. Other sites have tested BFBC2 and it's 30 to 20 to 10 FPS faster then the last generation based on which resolution your using. Still, 77FPS for 1920x1200 is good.

+ -

Also. I'm disappointed that this isn't as overclockable as they say it is, I'm probably going to wait for a 6970 and see if it's better or worse, then I'll make my choice.

With the speed this card is giving out. I may buy a aftermarket cooler and have one of these in my system, depending on whether or not the next generation comes out quickly in 2011. Then again, I may have to wait even longer...

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