Maingear Ephex 3-Way SLI Performance Gaming System

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The Ephex system we received came equipped with a flat black Silverstone TJ10 full tower case, which unfortunately was a bit prone to fingerprints, but that didn't stop us from getting our mitts all over it for closer inspection.


A cold cathode light flanks the inside left corner of the Ephex's side panel window, illuminating the interior with a cool blue hue.  If you're familiar with any of Silverstone's chassis lineup, you'll know this case is built like a tank with a thick gauge aluminum front bezel and large side induction vents that mate up to the intake ports of a custom engineered fan shroud, where a 120mm fan pulls cool air into the motherboard area of the case.  The backside of the chassis is also equipped with a pair of cooling tube ports for an external watercooling solution, though, as you'll see shortly, Maingear decided to go with a self contained approach from Asetek.  All told, the fit and finish of the Maingear Ephex is a clean and high quality design, thanks mostly to the selection of the Silverstone TJ10 for the system's chassis requirement.


Maingear included an LG Blu Ray DVD drive with our build as well as a 5-in-1 Flash Card reader in the single 2.5" bay, leaving three 5.25" bays available for expansion.  The top side of the case has two large 120mm exhaust fans for heat ventilation out the top of the system as well as for the integrated Asetek LCLC liquid cooling system radiator unit.

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recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

That beastly rig is mighty impressive! If I had unlimited resources I'd buy 1 without thinking twice. It's kind of funny to me though that a monster like that can barely break 30 frames on Crysis set to very high @ 1680. In all honesty I think that says more about the game than the rig though and every aspect of that truly awesome gaming machine is drool material. With that being said, I can't wait till hardware that will be able to break 100 frames @ those settings becomes available!!!

jtm55 6 years ago

 Hi All,

Truly a very impressive system. Like Recovering I to would buy it no questions asked if I had it like the Fed.

On another note though, Crytek, seems to develop Games that bring systems to their knees. If memory serves, when Farcry first came out it too was a system killer as well.

Kamrooz 6 years ago

Crossfire > SLI! Regardless of my ranting, that is a beastly system. Man, it really sucks looking at all this beautiful hardware, than realizing I can't afford it and turning back to look on my 3.2 prescott But atleast being in a bad financial situation has made me stronger as a person and taugh me how bad wastefully spending money is =P. 

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