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LSI WarpDrive 300GB PCI Express SSD Review

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The following PCMark Vantage HDD tests are more write intensive and in some cases stress the Achilles' Heel of the average storage subsystem, that being random write performance.


Futuremark's PCMark Vantage


The numbers here speak pretty well for themselves so we won't wax poetic much.  The WarpDrive's write prowess shows strong here and the LSI SSD puts up scores besting any of the group, with the once exception of the application loading test.  Windows Movie Maker showed a sizable gain over the io-Drive and about a 14% gain over the next fastest score recorded on the OCZ RevoDrive X2.

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OK, as I mentioned earlier, I'm diggin' this thing and want one. (Know I'll never have one too)

It IS very impressive.

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Well, its $12,000 right now, but i believe that in less than a decade we'll be getting it for A LOT cheaper!

Mighty cool regardless!

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Might I add, finally we're getting to a point where it makes sense to buy a powerful cpu.... the hdd's will be capable to read/writing that fast.

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