Corsair Ice T30 Memory Cooler Review

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How cold can you get your PC? It seems like enthusiasts and overclockers constantly find new and creative ways to cool down the heat producing parts of their computer. We've already brought you coverage of liquid helium and liquid nitrogen being used to achieve sub-zero temperatures in order to achieve huge overclocking results. But using these methods doesn't provide a 24/7 solution that people can use without having to fill a pot every few minutes. Phase change, thermoelectric cooling, and watercooling attract a larger audience since they require little maintenance after initial setup, but they carry a hefty price tag. Still, exotic cooling enthusiasts want more variety with new designs and better performance in order to keep up with the constant flux of new technology. 

If there's a demand, you better believe that companies will find a way to supply consumers with highly sought after products. And as the PC enthusiast sector grows, we see more parts being released that focus on cooling high end components. While it seems like every company makes a RAM cooling fan these days, Corsair has decided to take it up a notch. The Ice T30 sub-ambient cooling system is the first of its kind and made specifically for Corsair's enthusiast grade memory. Is it all just hype or does cooling your memory provide measurable benefits? Read on to find out what this cooler has to offer.        

Corsair Cooling Ice T30 for Dominator GT Memory

Corsair Cooling Ice T30 Thermo-Electric Cooling Solution
Specifications and Features

First sub-ambient memory cooling

Humidity monitor eliminates condensation

Cools up to 20 degrees C below ambient

Watercooled TEC
Package Contents
TEC cooling subsystem
  Watercooling block
  Humidity sensors and control circuitry
  Installation instructions
System Requirements
3/8" inner diameter tubing
 One year

The TEC Heat Pump Controller sits in a metal housing that can be secured in a 5.25" drive bay. If desired, the orientation of the PCB can be rotated within the housing. To operate the T30, the TEC Heat Pump, temperature sensor, and dual molex power adapters must be connected. Sensors detect ambient temperature and relative humidity inside the computer and the controller adjusts the voltage to the TEC according to the current environment.

Corsair also includes two Allen wrenches,six screws, and a large thermal pad. These items are necessary for installation. Clamps, zip ties, and 3/8" to 1/2" ID barbed couplings are provided for broader compatibility with more liquid cooling solutions. 

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bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Is this aluminum or copper?

nelsoncp21 5 years ago

I can't believe I missed this article. Your test system is almost identical to my rig even my watercooling parts. These things are actually hard to come by but I didn't think the price tag was gonna be that high. I think the version I found didn't have the condensation monitor though so that may be why. Still I thought it was less then $100 but I could be wrong. Excellent point on the barbs by the way.

Bob- I think the corsair rep over at XS told me that they are nickel plated copper.

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Weird you found this today. I was watching the podcast yesterday and they were saying something about Corsairs Dominator memory that go with this degrading over time. Like it will eventually not be stable or sometimes even post at the speeds they got when new or are marketed at. PCper was the first to call out Intel on there SSDs degrading in performance over time so I could see them finding this. Still take it with a grain of salt though I suppose. It's in the podcast #65 if you wanted to hear what I'm talking about.

nelsoncp21 5 years ago

I hope thats not the case. I will be hot if that happens with my memory. I don't have the ridiculously expensive dominator GT memory but it's still the dominator series.

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

[quote user="nelsoncp21"]

I hope thats not the case. I will be hot if that happens with my memory. I don't have the ridiculously expensive dominator GT memory but it's still the dominator series.


I think it was specifically the GT or whatever the highest end ones were. They discussed it when they were talking about there recommended builds and the super high end build. I'll review it again to double check later.

Martin.jiang 5 years ago

well you know the DDR3(OC) has heat sink tapping on both sides.. it already make the Memory Module too big..I say w/ th' extra cooling is ugly..and take much space..get lots of dollors from your pocket....

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