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HTC One (M8) Android Smartphone Review

HTC One (M8) Android Smartphone Review

HTC has clearly been putting in considerable effort into its products' industrial design. For years, the company has churned out some of the most appealing flagship devices, running both Android as well as Windows Phone. As of late, the Taiwanese outfit has been struggling to turn a profit, and that’s despite a robust, well-received lineup of phones. In many ways, the new HTC One (known internally as the M8, signifying a followup to last year’s One M7) is a make-it-or-break-it device.

The new HTC One M8 is, in many ways, a phone that pulls out all of the stops. It’s a creation that’s born from listening to years of feedback from users, and it packs just about everything one could wish for when searching for a top-tier Android device...

HTC One (M8) Android Smartphone Review

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Great review Ray. It really is an awesome device I hope HTC sees success with it, at the least it should raise the bar for other manufacturers.

I think the unique screen cover should be added to the Hot column!

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