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ATI TV Wonder 600 USB

ATI TV Wonder 600 USB

Just in case you like to skip right down to the news, we wanted to let you all know that w e’ve just a posted a new article here at HotHardware in which we evaluate the features, installation, and image quality of AMD’s brand new ATI TV Wonder 600 USB tuner.  Here’s a snip from the piece:

"At first glance, the ATI TV Wonder 600 USB resembles more a USB flash drive than a TV tuner. The tuner is roughly the size of a credit card and has an antenna / cable input on one side and a USB 2.0 connection on the other. The USB connector is hidden by a cap that is removed when you are going to install the tuner into your PC.”

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Works on the road and on the desktop but I'd swing for the PCIe version unless you really need the portability for the notebook.

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