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Computex 2007 Preview: Shuttle, Gigabyte, X38 Motherboards
Date: Jun 04, 2007
Author: Paul Jastrzebski
Shuttle X38, P35, and G33 based SFF Systems

Yesterday we ran through the Taipei convention center to see how construction of the booths for this year’s Computex trade show were progressing. When we walked by Shuttle’s booth in hall 2 of the convention center, we saw pictures of three un-announced barebone small form factor systems, the X38 based SX38P3 Deluxe, the G33 based SG33P3, and the P35 based SP35P3 Deluxe. Although the show is still one day away, we came back to the Shuttle booth and were able to see all three of these new systems.

small_sh1.jpg     small_sh2.jpg    small_sh3.jpg

The first system we looked at was the SX38P3 Deluxe, Shuttle’s new flagship barebone system. The SX38P3 will replace the SD37PV2 as the Shuttle’s high-end Intel based barebone. Since I personally use the SD37PV2, I was interested to see if the SX38P3 Deluxe would have the same basic design flaw that the SD37PV2 had: no standard PCI slot. So we took off the SX38P3 Deluxe’s side panel and saw that in addition to One PCI Express x16 slot, there is indeed a PCI slot. Shuttle caught a lot of criticism for using two PCI Express x16 slots in the SD37PV2, so it is very nice to see that they’ve listened to both reviews and consumer feedback with their latest barebones XPC. We took a sneak peak at the back of the SX38P3 Deluxe as well, and saw that it had no legacy ports: instead it had six USB 2.0 ports on the back panel. We’re not quite sure how large the power supply is, but will be sure to find out when the show officially gets under way.

small_sh21.jpg     small_sh32.jpg    small_sh33.jpg

We were also able to take a look at the G33 and the P35 based Shuttles, and they look equally impressive. We were able to look under the hood of the P35 based SP35P3 Deluxe and saw that like its X38 based counterpart, it also has a single PCI Express x16 slot and standard PCI slot implementation. We’ll find out more about these when Shuttle officially announces them during the show.

Gigabyte X38, RD790, and 690G Motherboards

Gigabyte was also among the few companies that had products on display when we were walking through the show. The company was keen to show off their new X38 based flagship Intel motherboard, the GA-X38T-DQ6.

small_gig1.jpg      small_gig25.jpg     small_gig24.jpg

As you can see from the pictures above, the board has a large heatpipe design that cools the north bridge, south bridge, and CPU/Memory voltage regulators. It has dual gigabit Ethernet, supports DDR3-1600, and uses all Japanese made SMD solid capacitors.

small_gig5.jpg      small_gig4.jpg     small_gig26.jpg

The board was shown running with two Radeon X2900XT cards that were in Crossfire mode.

small_gig12.jpg       small_gig13.jpg     small_gig14.jpg

Gigabyte was also showing off their new AMD based chipsets. The first we saw was the AMD 690G based GA-MA69G-S3H. The GA-MA69G-S3H features an integrated Radeon X1250 Graphics processor, support for DDR2-800, and is HDMI ready. This board is intended for the lower to mid-ranged portion of the market and should retail at around $100.

small_gig16.jpg      small_gig17.jpg     small_gig18.jpg

Gigabyte was also showing off their high end AMD board, the RD790 based GA-M790-DQ6. The DQ6 has support for Quad Graphics...yes, you read that right, FOUR graphics cards. We’ll be sure to get more information about this when the show officially starts, we're sure many of you are excited to see what four graphic cards in a system will be able to do.

small_gig20.jpg     small_gig27.jpg     small_gig23.jpg

And as you can see, Gigabyte was showing off the GA-M790-DQ6 actually running four single-slot PCI Express graphics cards all at once. We’ll be sure to inquire which cards these were and what kind of performance we should expect from the GA-M790-DQ6 in the next few days.

DFI, XFX, ABIT, and ASUS Booth Previews

small_df2.jpg     small_df3.jpg    small_df5.jpg

We were able to briefly stop by and take a look at DFI’s X38 motherboard as well. As you can see, it looks to be in typical LanParty line fashion, but DFI told us that this board is just a reference design and that the board that we’ll see come to market will have a unique cooler design that will be very impressive.

small_ab1.jpg     small_ab2.jpg    small_ab3.jpg

We were also able to take a look at ABIT’s X38 based board as well, named the IX38 QuadGT. The IX38 QuadGT on display also had no special cooling apparatus, but we’ll be sure to stop by ABIT’s booth when the show actually starts and see what they are planning to do with their X38 board.

small_a1.jpg     small_a2.jpg    small_a3.jpg

And we also briefly stopped by the ASUS booth, but as it was still under heavy construction, we weren’t able to see any X38 based boards on display. We’ll be sure to come back here as well.

small_amd1.jpg     small_xxx2.jpg    small_xxx3.jpg

And here you can see that the AMD booth was under heavy construction as well. I tried to take a look at Intel’s booth today, but was actually escorted out by security, so coverage of Intel’s booth will have to wait until the show starts. And finally, I had to share a few pictures of XFX’s booth, and from the looks of things, they should have some impressive new product offerings in store for us at Computex.


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