Lenovo IdeaPad Y530 Notebook

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The Lenovo Y530 comes with  a Setup Poster, User Guide, and a OneKey Rescue System 6.0 manual. The Setup Poster is actually a tri-fold that gives basic instructions for setup, such as installing the battery and how to use the touch pad. The flip side gives you a large illustration of the laptop with labels indicating what various buttons and the function keys do. The User Guide gives more detailed explanations on how to use the computer and external devices plus some basic troubleshooting tips. The OneKey Rescue System 6.0 manual gives you instructions on how to create recovery disks, backups, and restore the system using the recovery partition.

Pre-installed software includes several applications and utilities from Lenovo. Lenovo Easy Capture, VeriFace Recognition III, Energy Management , ReadyComm 4.0, and OneKey Recovery. Additional applications include WinDVD 8, Dolby Control Center, Carbonite Online Backup,
and CyberLink Power2Go


On initial boot, after a few software installers run, the desktop has icons for Adobe Reader 8, Carbonite Online Backup, CyberLink Power2Go , Lenovo EasyCapture, Lenovo ReadyComm, Microsoft Office Activation Assistant, Norton Internet Security, WildGames Play Games, and OneKey Recovery.

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jeffb 5 years ago

I recently helped a friend buy their first laptop and they ended up getting this exact model. Every time I see it I get more and more jealous. I really find the build quality to be superb and they have absolutely no trouble with it. I may end up getting one for myself down the road. Definitely a nice machine.

3vi1 5 years ago

/agree. I think half the problem I have with other laptops today is that a long series of Ideapad precursors (IBM Thinkpads) have set my expectations relatively high.

tanka12345 5 years ago

Looking great, although I've never used a Lenovo laptop before.

Just a typo I spotted: [edited / fixed -thanks for the head's up ]

gw24Welsh 5 years ago

How heavy is this? I have a acer laptop but it is damn heavy. I'd like something that is under 2kg or 15 lbs.


Anonymous 5 years ago

[quote user="gw24Welsh"]

How heavy is this? I have a acer laptop but it is damn heavy. I'd like something that is under 2kg or 15 lbs.



Its just under 7lbs

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