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AMD Radeon HD 7770 and 7750 GPU Reviews

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How We Configured Our Test Systems: We tested the graphics cards in this article on an Asus P9X79 Deluxe motherboard powered by a Core i7-3960X six-core processor and 16GB of G.SKILL DDR3-1600 RAM. The first thing we did when configuring the test system was enter the system UEFI and set all values to their "optimized" or "high performance" default settings and disabled any integrated peripherals that wouldn't be put to use. The hard drive was then formatted and Windows 7 Ultimate x64 was installed. When the installation was complete we fully updated the OS and installed the latest DirectX redist, along with the necessary drivers, games, and benchmark applications.

HotHardware's Test System
Intel Core i7 Powered

Hardware Used:
Intel Core i7-3960X
(3.3GHz, Six-Core)
Asus P9X79 Deluxe
(Intel X79 Express)

Radeon HD 7770
Radeon HD 7750
Radeon HD 6670
Radeon HD 6790
GeForce GTX 560 Ti
GeForce GTX 550 Ti

16GB OCZ DDR3-1600
Western Digital Raptor 150GB
Integrated Audio
Integrated Network

Relevant Software:
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
DirectX April 2011 Redist
ATI Catalyst v12.2b
NVIDIA GeForce Drivers 290.53

Benchmarks Used:

Unigine Heaven v2.5
3DMark 11
Batman: Arkham City
Just Cause 2
Alien vs. Predator
Metro 2033
Lost Planet 2
Dirt 3

Unigine Heaven v2.5 Benchmark
Pseudo-DirectX 11 Gaming

Unigine Heaven

Unigine's Heaven Benchmark v2.5 is built around the Unigine game engine. Unigine is a cross-platform, real-time 3D engine, with support for DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and OpenGL. The Heaven benchmark--when run in DX11 mode--also makes comprehensive use of tessellation technology and advanced SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion) It also features volumetric cumulonimbus clouds generated by a physically accurate algorithm and a dynamic sky with light scattering.

The new Radeon HD 7700 series cards offered middling performance in the Unigine Heaven benchmark. The Radeon HD 7770 has no trouble besting the Radeon HD 6790 and GeForce GTX 550 Ti, but trails the GeForce GTX 560. The lower-priced Radeon HD 7750, however, trailed all of the other cards, with the exception of the previous-gen Radeon HD 6670.

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I'm disappointed. The streaming processors were 800 on the 5770 and 6770, total bandwidth was higher, and this card has less TFLOPS along with some other cut-down features. I am presuming that AMD is banking on the idea that people will OC higher along with driver improvements to meet or exceed the 6850/70 and the 560's. I really don't see why they trimmed the SPU's down to 640. It seems senseless to me. I don't know who they're trying to fool here but a quick comparison of the 6770 shows that it is almost just as good if not better in some instances, at least on paper.

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I believe that the 7790 will be their competitor for the 560.

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I really am seeing some very stupid posts about this card.

I run an I7 2700k at 4.6GH on an Asus p8z77 motherboard16gig gskill 2133 ram with a GTX560 Ti.

I have jusr replaced the GTX560Ti with the 7770 and see no difference in performance ,reason is I dont game, I photoshop .

The GTX560 Ti had to display ports for my Samsung 120HZ monitor which requires a DisPlayPort graphics card.

Next ...think about the price points....560Ti....$269.00..............560........$220.00...........550TI .............170.00....7770........$155.00

The 770 beats the crap out of the 550 so whats the problem ?

The 560ti is in another class and the 7770 is not meant to compete against the 560 cards.

Also stop bleating about buying a 6 series card like the 6850 6790or 6770 etc etc ..............if your been paying attention.....they are no longer sold,.......all the sites that have to order cannot fill orders from manufacturers...the stores with stock on hand are the only ones with these cards, but as most online stores run on a JIT system you wont find stock so get over it and move.

This is a great card for the money and its saving me plenty on my ever rising power bils.

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Also I should mention that the card shown in this review is the version one Asus not the version two which does away with the mini display ports (why do they keep putting these in, you need a converter for displayport monitors) and comes with a full display port.

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Since I posted earlier, one of my kids sent me a brand new 1GB XFX Radeon HD R7770 that they had won in a contest and couldn't use.

I kept it on a shelf for a month or so and then decided to buy another one, just like it,........for $150.00 shipped.

Now I have both of them installed together in Crossfire in an AMD A8-3850 APU system. The performance of one card was acceptable, but two together are quite nice. Below is a Heaven Bench result. Keep in mind that the A8-3850 is not the fastest CPU out there, or even close to it. My games play quite well with these two cards in the PC though.

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nice budget GPU though.

and it won't disappoint either.

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