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AMD FirePro V7900 and V5900 Professional Graphics

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Performance Summary:  With all of the results now in, let's analyze the numbers and see what they tell us. First up, the AMD FirePro V7900 had a great showing overall throughout all of our benchmarks. It performed better than the FirePro V7800 in most of our tests, and even trumped the high-end FirePro V8800 in a few. That's especially impressive considering the V8800 is technically a more powerful card and costs about $1200. Without a doubt, the AMD FirePro V7900 delivered the goods--professional users should definitely take note. Not to be outdone, the V5900 also provided great results. Although its scores weren't as eye-opening, it consistently lead the FirePro V4800 and was able to catch the V7800 on more than one occasion.

Considered a high end model, the V7900 checks in at $999. In comparison, the V7800 was $799 at launch and can currently be found online for about $629. But as our testing shows, the new FirePro model is justifiably more expensive than its predecessor and offers significantly more performance. The AMD FirePro V5900 will launch at a retail price of $599 and replaces the V5800 as the premiere mid-range FirePro model. If you're shopping for a workstation-class card at or around this price point, the FirePro V5800 can be purchased for $379 at your favorite e-tailer.


In the past, we've said that the multiple monitor Eyefinity technology found throughout the latest FirePro line is one of its greatest strengths, and we believe that statement remains true today. If you're on the fence between a FirePro or Quadro, and multiple monitors is a concern, keep that in mind. AMD hits more price points than NVIDIA by offering consumers more models to choose from at competitive price points. There are no fewer than 16 current generation FirePro cards available on the market at this time. On the other hand, Quadro cards have shown their performance lead at the high end. But if you're looking for a low power, multiple monitor solution for your 3D animation and rendering workloads, definitely check out the new FirePro V7900 and V5900 cards from AMD.

AMD FirePro V7900


  • Excellent performance
  • Four monitor support
  • Runs cool and quiet
  • DisplyPort 1.2 support

  • Expensive
  • Uses more power than previous generation

AMD FirePro V5900


  • Good performance for the price
  • Low power use
  • Runs cool under load
  • DisplayPort 1.2 support

  • Idle temp is a bit high

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Okay I don't understand, what is the difference and advantage of a high end standard discrete graphics card vs. a workstation graphics card?

Their both relatively high in price but their spec's vary drastically,

I know workstations is designed for a work setting with graphic intensive processes like rendering and stuff but why are the specs so different from standard graphics cards?

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I didn't understand the AMD business model until I started to deal with them after buying the 8800. They pump these things out like gaming cards and think that the pros will like to replace their fifteen hundred dollar GPUs every six months. It actually takes them the same amount of time to develop a stable Firepro driver, About six months after the next gen comes out!

The Nvidia Quadro4000 is a much better GPU for DCC! Comparatively the price is similar, but when you look at the long term costs and lost production times! There is no comparison! When you look at all the ATI cards, that one Quadro is the answer to them all. It has the same or better performance and stability within most DCC programs. Nvidia works closely with many major studios as well as companies like Autodesk and is actively involved in making sure their products work smoothly for the professionals. This is why you see the PhsX plug-ins for the 2012 Autodesk products. All the ATI people get are a set of 3D Max performance plug-ins? I still don't know what they are supposed to do, I think they are just like a hotfix to the driver :P

The FirePros are good for things like Photoshop, painter CAD/design. If that is what you are looking for and just want to save money, then the most you will need is something like the 4800 or 5800, or their 9version update. I am sure that most people who would look into this series are those in Architectural design or scientific modeling. Which I am sure that these cards would be a good fit for those fields! I can definitely see many dentist offices buying these for their 3d scanning computers.

I still cant see many animation studios showing much support for AMD. This is also why you see Nvidia come out with a top three line about every year and half, because they know that most artist don't want to buy a new card for their home computer, only to see a new version come out six weeks later at half the price and twice the performance! Because Nvidia know that if those guys aren't happy then they will tell the studio to go with the other guys card next time.

I know there are many ATI supporters and I use to be one of them (Before they got taken over by AMD). SO please, if anyone of you think these things are so great, I have a FirePro V8800(W/Box+Accs) that you can take off my hands for 1000!

Or maybe HH has any of the new Quadros/Teslas you want me to test in a DCC environment?

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