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New PS4 Specs Leak, Hint At Tantalizing Possibilities

New PS4 Specs Leak, Hint At Tantalizing Possibilities

There have been a number of spec leaks around the PS4 and Xbox 720 in the last few days, including updated information on what the latest dev kits from Sony contain. We'll cover these first, courtesy of Kotaku and then offer our own analysis, HotHardware style.

According to Kotaku, the latest dev kits for Sony's PS4 contain:
  • 8GB of video RAM
  • 2.2GB of GPU memory
  • 4x "Dual-Core Bulldozers" (this is nonsensical as written but presumably refers to BD's "dual-module" design)
  • GPU: AMD R10xx (aka GCN, aka the Radeon HD 7000 family)

EuroGamer, meanwhile, says that the new device is built around an eight-core "Jaguar" CPU married to a cutdown variant of the 7970M. That makes sense as far as floating point targets are concerned (the PS4 is reportedly capable of 1.84TFLOP of single-precision math.)

Here's another entry in the "Oh God, please don't make it look like that" competition

According to EuroGamer, the PS4 will contain a second module that's designed to function as a dedicated GPU compute node for offloading physics calculations, GPU cloth, or other material interactions that are sometimes handled in hardware by Nvidia's PhysX. Including a second module for these sorts of tasks actually makes a lot of sense if the Jaguar rumor is accurate.

Jaguar, if you recall, is the follow-up to AMD's Brazos. Brazos was a well-balanced low-power architecture that's capable of decoding two instructions per clock cycle and has a short pipeline for execution efficiency. AMD estimates that Kabini, its quad-core follow-up to Brazos, will outperform the older 40nm chip by 15% clock-for-clock, with the quad-core SoC beating its dual-core predecessor by up to 50%.

That's a great achievement for a netbook, notebook, or tablet. As a CPU destined to sit at the heart of a console for 4-6 years, it's a bit underwhelming. Opting for a second compute module is one way Sony could have boosted the PS4's overall performance while sticking with a relatively svelte SoC at the heart of the device.

Rumor currently suggests a PS4 with 4GB of RAM total, but that it'll use 4GB of DDR5 rather than the Xbox Durango's 8GB of DDR3.

Ultimately, we still suggest taking these specs with a substantial grain of salt. AMD's conference call yesterday revealed that the company believes custom SoC work -- that means consoles -- will account for up to 20% of its revenue by the end of 2013. It's a given that the company has done custom work for both Microsoft and Sony on these projects, but exactly how those resources are allocated to developers and how flexible the systems are to program will determine a great deal of consumer uptake.
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I had always thought, maybe ignorantly, that they could have just dropped in a much better gpu in with the old cell (maybe updated). Maybe add a physics processor and call it a day. meh

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Well this is a welcome ray of light for AMD. Maybe they will make it after all.

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Gaming consoles and their $60 games need is dying.

The tablet,as a gaming platform,will replace the console and it's lower priced games will be welcomed by all.

PC gaming will remain as a nitche market after consoles have bit the dust.

My original PS3 bought on release day sits in the rack collecting dust.

I enjoy playing a lot of inexpensive or free games on my Galaxy Note II.

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The question is, "will it run Linux?"

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Xbox 720 over PS4 any dayyyyyyy based on rumored hardware specs, platform specific games, controller, online experience, and much more.

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Cdeeter; sadly that probably isn't the case. AMD has been on gaming consoles for years now and like HH said "huge volumes of consoles sold never seems to equate to any real earnings for AMD"

SmogHog; you're completely wrong... For the forseable future PC gaming and consoles are here to stay and the forseable future is at least 10 years. No matter how much you like your games on mobile devices like phones and tablets and no matter how affordable they are they simply will NOT replace real gaming. Even in 5 years your phone and ARM tablets will not be nearly as powerful as these next gen consoles! Gaming hardware in 5 years will be even more powerful than today meaning as long as computers and consoles continue to exist they will ALWAYS be more powerful than our mobile devices. Portable gaming also doesn't seem to be a group activity like consoles, sure games like words with friends etc are social games you just won't see 4 kids on the couch at home holding their own tablets playing farcry 4 together, mobile gaming right now fills the same nitch a game of solitare does.

I agree though that the $60 a game thing has to change. I always buy consoles and I never ever buy more than 1 game so it always feels like a really expensive arcade machine. Steam is one way to counteract this on the PC side, if only the next gen consoles could tap into your steam network but that would eat away at their bottom line.

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Poor consoles look like a dying TRex stuck in the mud or quicksand. According to the console industry they are losing money year over year. Steam is just powering along so PC gaming will probably remain the same as its probably been growing in size. Once steam drops a semi console at an affordable price to catch on with increasing models for higher prices with more powerful hardware people will wonder why they needed a console in the first place.

Honestly IMO the "gaming" industry in a traditional sense is dying, but its not like we quit buying games. I bought more games on Android last year then ever, and I bought more games on steam then ever not saying I am a trend setter, but I think I just adopted the current growing trend. Indie games are actually becoming good, and the dumbing down of my favorite franchises has caused me to stray away from the good old games I used to play.

Apparently they are getting the message that their games are sucking, but instead of just making games good they way they used to the blame it on crap like piracy, and file bankruptcy. God forbid that they actually make a good SOCOM game or something. Sony is actually starting to make Steam only titles like Planetside 2 and Bullet Run, but just look at the forums of how many guys would like their old Socom game back not this readjustment to reach the casual user like in Socom 4.

I understand that games have to evolve, but evolve does not mean total game destruction and rebuild from scratch like socom2 to socom4 evolution is a move like from Counter Strike Source to CS:GO. Same game just better graphics.

Sorry for the TL:DR didn't mean to go on so long.

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i forecast the PS4 will use a AMD Trinity based CPU, if they mean a 2x BD Module aka quad core

i also belive it will have 8GB RAM, 2.2GB Video RAM and have a higher end GPU like a HD 7870M and then use the onchip Devistator GPU to calculate cloth and other physics/compute tasks etc

AMD 5600K, 8GB DDR3 1866 RAM, AMD Radeon HD 7770 1GB, and a Asus motherboard is under 400 usd on and you should factor in the costs that goes away when you make it into a small package, and remove some features that takes to much space and you will get something like this to be cheap and still preform good enught, the other low power apus is to slow, so after the price of these components and the rumored specs, this is the setup they might use or a variation of it

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