Haleron Lowers The Tablet PC Price Bar With $199 iLet Mini HAL

We've said it before, and we'll keep right on saying it: the tablet is back in a big way, but the consumers have yet to have time to actually speak. In other words, only time will tell if people are ready to re-embrace the tablet PC, which was largely rejected years ago as being too bulky, too niche and too expensive. Honestly, this whole marketing push feels a lot like 3D. Consumers never really asked for 3D to make a comeback, but all of a sudden, motion picture producers decided--seemingly across the board--that 3D was the way forward.

We've seen company after company detail their tablet PC plans, and while many have yet to materialize, there's little doubt that analysts will be watching sales of the JooJoo and iPad over the next couple of months in order to get an early idea if this "comeback" is for real. But here's a thought: what if the iPad was just $199? Apple probably won't even lower the MSRP on that device to under $200, but a smaller company like Haleron has no problems going for broke. After all, it's going to take something drastic (like a Core i7 inside of a tablet, or a tablet that costs $199) to get attention in a world full of Sony, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Dell and Apple.

And that's exactly what Haleron is doing. The 7" iLet Mini HAL is one of the most stylish slate PCs that we've seen, and the starting price is an almost unbelievable $199. Of course, it won't be the fastest tablet in existance, with an older 600MHz VIA CPU that will almost certainly have trouble playing back 720p and 1080p content. It will also ship with 128MB of DDR2 memory, and instead of using a full-on operating system, it will rely on Google's Android, which is typically reserved for smartphones but has made the occasional departure before. 2GB of Flash storage will be provided, and 10GB of cloud storage is included as well. This is more of a glorified e-reader than anything else, particularly with that mobile OS, but still, it drives a hard bargain for less than $200.

The device is expected to start shipping next month, and we could certainly see a lot of tablet PC skeptics taking the plunge here as more of an impulse buy than anything else. Will you be one of those early adopters, or are you waiting to see if you really need a tablet when your netbook is humming along just fine?
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3vi1 4 years ago

Hmmm... they got the price right. If only the specs were just a *little* better.

josafiend 4 years ago

I love the price, but I would like to try one out before committing to buy.

rapid1 4 years ago

This is great for recognition as a platform. I doubt I would buy it as the internal components are well below my minimum. However; as far as the market goes so were those of a netbook. We all know the netbook had and has a very big effect market wide. You all know (at least I would imagine), the tablet I like right now

"the Adam at http://notionink.in/index.php" . This as I said is at the right price for people to just pick up (as an impulse buy), when they see them. I also think this platform will stick this time, but we will see!

rapid1 4 years ago

Sorry the link is a cut and paste, for some reason the options and or editing is not available.............

ipad 4 years ago

It's pretty amazing that they offer all those features for under $200.

keng 4 years ago

200 is a little pricey for what you get. About 100 bucks sound right.

rapid1 4 years ago

I am more with 3vi1 thats price for the capabilities is a little high. However; I see this as a best buy/wallyworld/target/ grab item. At that price people will just grab one without knowing specifics in many cases. Think about it users on here saw a netbook, and thought what, I wonder what hardware is in something that cheap. The general consumer thought wow my kid, teenager, mate, friend, mother, myself etc would love that, and grabbed one, with no clue what was in it. This is how the largest number of computers are bought, they ask the sales man or woman, who fills them with every inexperienced expectation in the world, they buy and walk out smiling.

Inspector 4 years ago

Most sales guy only tell the positive side of the items so i find asking them is useless (just my experience :D)

animatortom 4 years ago

I love my OL' tablet, even though it is a gateway! This one looks cool enough, Someone really needs to make one at least the size of a notepad for digital sketching, or as a digital notepad for classrooms and boardrooms. Apple and all the others are only 7" to 10"? All the Doctors have them, I guess they are to happy gouging the Health care industry to open up any other markets?

rapid1 4 years ago

Thats a good point Inspector. I remember my first employment in computers was at a computer city years ago (they have been out of business for more than 10 years). My big problem was I would net sell the extended warranties past the bottom level, because I knew they were a total ripoff. I would sell higher dollar more capable PC's, but other salesman who did not understand computer hardware at all would always outsell me. I did however end up managing the return/rebox equipment section as well as being somewhat of an assistant store manager before Compusa started taking them over. I left when I saw that one coming, and went into contract work for Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM etc.....

rapid1 4 years ago

That was about 1994-95!!!!!!

ClemSnide 4 years ago

The HAL tablet, eh? ...Wonder if it tries to kill astronauts? I'd spend $200 on that.

rapid1 4 years ago

I see unit's like this as enabling the market in general. So I am glad to see it, because the more active the tablet market becomes, the more the big players jump into it. When they jump in with both feet the development and everything functional in tablets as well as E-readers moves much faster. This is a very good thing!

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