Mafia II: PhysX Tested, HotHardware Reviewed

Prior to its launch, Mafia II was portrayed as a deep, character-driven drama that would take full advantage of PhysX to add depth and realism to the game. With the game out and available, we sat down to investigate how PhysX enhances Mafia II and while we were at it we reviewed the game as well...

Mafia II: PhysX Tested, HotHardware Reviewed

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Geezy 4 years ago

I currently have a xfx 5870 and i would like to run PhysX aswell, i was thinkig of getting a GTS 450 for it but is that too much or a GT 240 would be ok?

Joel H 4 years ago



That's not officially possible. By default, NVIDIA disables hardware PhysX if a non-NVIDIA GPU is detected. It doesn't matter if you've also installed a GeForce. If you have anything installed *but* a GeForce or Quadro,  no PhysX for you. Unofficially, there are drivers (both patched and available from NVIDIA's beta section) that allow for the two to work in concert. I think the first 256 series beta allows for this if you want NV's own drivers.


NVIDIA's minimum recommendation for an add-on PhysX is a GTS 240. I think it'd be fine, though the GTS 450 is well enough priced that you might still want one.

bob_on_the_cob 4 years ago

[quote user="Geezy"]

I currently have a xfx 5870 and i would like to run PhysX aswell, i was thinkig of getting a GTS 450 for it but is that too much or a GT 240 would be ok?


You can't run Physx with the ATI card on your computer. You have to have a all Nvidia system.

Joel H 4 years ago

Or a set of modified drivers. Or the Rel 256 drivers that NV left available for folks who do this. Etc, etc. You absolutely *can* do it--you just aren't going through official channels to do so.

fat78 4 years ago

Maybe hothardware will have a sweeps giving away this game, would like to try more of it then just the demo. lol

inspector 4 years ago

"speed limiter" They should just take it out. It should be a challenge to not get caught by cops or die in a car crash -.-

Joel H 4 years ago


I suggest you try playing the game before you say that. If driving was less a part of the game, that'd be one thing. Instead, if there's a mission in which driving could possibly be integrated, it's integrated. In one chapter, you drive a hideously slow truck to a location where you show your ability to pick up cartons of cigarettes and hand them to Joe. After a few minutes of this, you drive to a second location and do the exact same thing. Then you drive to the third location. At point 3 some interesting things happen--but you first drive after the villains. Then you drive to the Maltese Falcon. Then you drive to the warehouse district.

Once you finish the mission inside the warehouse district, you drive to the docks (on the opposite side of the map.) Then you sell a car. drive home (all the way back across the map).

Does this sound like fun yet?

acarzt 4 years ago

lol... yea I played the demo... and driving is a hassel lol I hated it.

Also, I thought the character models moved funky and it was all just awkward.

Also when I turned physx on, it brought the game down to unplayable levels. Otherwise it would hit around 60fps.

Joel H 4 years ago


Try updating PhysX if you have an NV GPU, as I suggest within the article. It makes a huge difference.

acarzt 4 years ago

I'll give that a try later Joel, but see as how even a GTX480 was brought down to sub-30 fps level, and it usually benches on par with a GTX295... i'm not too optimistic lol

Besides, I didn't care much for the game anyway lol

Joel H 4 years ago

Well, not liking the game is one thing. :P If you check there's information on how to reduce the total number of PhysX effects being processed (thus recovering FPS) without just turning it on or off.

Also, remember what I said about that benchmark being a worst-case scenario. My real-world framerates with PhysX on were much higher in-game than in-benchmark.

Kiristo 4 years ago

I liked the game. The ending was as good as the first one's and the story was good/engaging. The worst thing about the game is having to drive everywhere. If you just play through it though in a couple sittings, you don't get bored of it and will be able to beat it easily enough. It was alot of fun, in my opinion, and I played/liked the first one.

I have a GTX 280, ran this with PhysX, and it ran fine. I can't remember what my test scores were, as I played the game awhile ago and have since gone back to LoL as pretty much the only game I am playing. If you're worried about your hardware, I'd say my GPU did a fine job, the rest of my specs can be seen here:

Joel H 4 years ago

Folks concerned about GPU performance should keep in mind that I benchmarked the game with all detail levels cranked up to full.

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