Intel Arrandale Core i5 and Core i3 Mobile Unveiled

Today we've got a look at Intel's new line of Core i5 Mobile processors, code named Arrandale. Like Pinetrail for netbooks, Intel's new Arrandale processor combines both an integrated memory controller (DDR3) and GPU (graphics processor) on the same package as the main processor. Though it's not a monolithic device but is built upon multi-chip module packaging, it does allow these primary functional blocks to coexist in a single chip footprint or socket. Targeted more to the mainstream market, Intel's Core i5 Mobile processor should by all rights offer the "trifecta" of technology innovation - higher performance, lower power and a better cost model. Let's have a look...

Intel Arrandale Core i5 and Core i3 Mobile Unveiled

Via:  HotHardware
gibbersome 4 years ago

Just read the review and all I can say is wow! Bundle this up with the low power ATI 5000 graphics and we're looking at a giant leap forward in notebook gaming battery performance!

EnigmaCypher7 4 years ago

Yeah, Wow, Intel has been making really decent mobile processors here as of late.

Mobile processors have been coming a long way. Used to be that if you wanted a powerful laptop you would have to settle for one with a desktop processor but at the detriment of poor battery life and bulky size. Now a days you can find a Laptop, mobile Pc, or even a netbook that can keep up with user expectations all without being too Pricey, Bulky or Short of Battery time. I would love to be able to see a few years down the road, today, and catch a glimpse of where this is all headed.

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