Dell XPS One 27 All-in-One Desktop, Ivy Bridge-Infused

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Lost Planet 2
DX9 Gaming Performance

Lost Planet 2

A follow-up to Capcom’s Lost Planet : Extreme Condition, Lost Planet 2 is a third person shooter that takes place again on E.D.N. III ten years after the story line of the first title. We used the Test B option built into the benchmark tool and with all graphics options set to their High Quality values.

Strutting around in synthetic benchmarks is one thing, but how would Dell's XPS One 27 do in real-world gaming? Quite well, actually. We fired up Lost Planet 2 and ran a pair of tests to see what kind of concessions need to be made in more demanding titles. In 'TEST 1', we set everything to High, turned Motion Blur on, and ran 4xAA. In 'TEST 2', we dropped the settings to Low, turned Motion Blur off, and disabled AA.

Lower quality settings were the key in this particular title. By dialing down the eye candy, we were able to pull smooth framerates on the display's native 2560x1440 resolution, which is pretty remarkable for an AIO.

Left 4 Dead 2
Gaming Performance

Left 4 Dead 2

In our Left 4 Dead 2 test, we use a custom Time Demo that involves plenty of fast action, some explosions, and plenty of people and objects on the screen at the same time.

              4XAA and 16X Anisotropic Filtering Enabled

We didn't have to make any such concessions in Left 4 Dead 2, in which the XPS One 27 managed playable framerates at its native resolution with all the eye candy cranked up, along with 4xAA and 16xAF. Quite impressive.

Aliens vs Predator
DirectX 11 Gaming Performance

Aliens vs Predator

The Aliens vs Predator benchmark makes use of the advanced Tessellation, screen space ambient occlusion and high-quality shadow features, available with DirectX 11. We kept things low-key in this benchmark run, dialing down the settings to Low and comparing 4xAA to 0xAA.

Left 4 Dead 2 isn't particularly taxing, and we wanted to see how Dell's system would fare when we threw something a little more gritty at it. Aliens vs Predator allowed us to do that, and to our surprise, the XPS One 27 proved capable at most resolutions save for 2560x1440, and even then some folks might find an average of 23.6fps mostly playable.

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