Mushkin Enhanced Selected to Power Hypersonic Computer Systems

Mushkin Enhanced Selected to Power Hypersonic Computer Systems

Denver, CO, May 18, 2006- Mushkin Enhanced, a leading manufacturer in high-performance computer components, is proud to announce that it has been chosen by Hypersonic PC Sytems to provide the Mushkin Power Supply Series for Hypersonic's entire PC lineup. Mushkin power supplies are to be offered with Hypersonic's Award-Winning gaming systems; the Cyclone OCX and the Sonic Boom OCX, as well as their line of FUSION professional work-stations. "We are very proud of this relationship as it shows that our new power supply series, although still very new to the market, is already highly regarded as one of the best units available," said Tom Duong, Director of Mushkin Business Development . "Mushkin is very proud to be a provider of power supplies for one of the premier systems builders".

The Mushkin XP-650 power supply is designed to offer the end-user quiet, stable, and trouble-free operation regardless of an individual's usage pattern. "The secret to building a reliable PC is a quality power supply," said Eyal Akler, CEO of Hypersonic. "The Mushkin XP-650 power supply does a great job of providing steady, reliable power to our most demanding performance PC's. Clearly designed with low noise and beautiful aesthetics in mind, the Mushkin XP-650 is a winner by our standards". The Mushkin XP-650 Power Supply just recently received ATi X1900 CrossFire Certfication and is pending nVIDIA SLi certification.

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