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OCZ Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD Performance Preview

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Our Test Methodologies: Under each test condition, the SSDs tested here were installed as secondary volumes in our testbed, with a standard spinning hard disk for the OS and benchmark software installations. The SSDs were left blank without partitions wherever possible, unless a test required them to be partitioned and formatted, as was the case with our ATTO, Vantage, and CrystalDiskMark benchmark tests, as well as one of the IOMeter runs. Windows firewall, automatic updates and screen savers were all disabled before testing. In all test runs, we rebooted the system and waited several minutes for drive activity to settle before invoking a test.

HotHardware Test System
Intel Core i7 and SSD Powered

Processor -

Motherboard -

Video Card -

Memory -

Audio -

Hard Drives -

Hardware Used:
Intel Core i7-970

Intel DX58SO2
(X58 Chipset)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285

6144MB Kingston DDR3-1333

Integrated on board

WD Caviar Black 1TB (OS Drive)
OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB PCIe
LSI WarpDrive 300GB PCIe
OCZ RevoDrive X2 240GB PCIe
OCZ RevoDrive 120GB PCIe
Fusion-io ioDrive 160GB
Fusion-io ioXtreme 80GB PCIe
OCZ Z-Drive R4 1.6TB PCIe

OS -
Chipset Drivers -
DirectX -

Video Drivers

Relevant Software:
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
DirectX 11

NVIDIA GeForce, latest WHQL

Benchmarks Used:
IOMeter 2010
ATTO v2.46
CrystalDiskMark v3.1
PCMark Vantage
SiSoftware Sandra 2011
HH Custom File Transfer Tests

SiSoft SANDRA 2011
Synthetic HDD Benchmarking

For our first set of tests, we used SiSoft SANDRA, the the System ANalyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant. Here, we used the Physical Disk test suite and provided the results from our comparison SSDs. The benchmarks were run without formatting and read and write performance metrics are detailed below.

What can we say that this benchmark results chart doesn't already?  In the quick-take sequential transfer measurements that SANDRA pushes to the SSDs in our test run, the Z-Drive R4 is over two time faster than the Fusion-io ioDrive in both read and write throughput.  The only drive that comes close to the R4 is the OCZ RevoDrive 3.  That's what you call a happy performance graph.


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Wow, there is not much else to say but Wow!

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yep. my jaw has been hanging round me feet since this post.

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"I'll keep dreaming about this"

+ -

Yep this looks like a crazy card, you have to pay to play! I wonder if they will start to package these cards with single slot custom coolers/fans in the future.

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Why must you guys tease us? Should really consider giving one of these away for a contest ;) lol

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@Inspector - We would LOVE to give away a stack of these things. Not sure we could get OCZ to sponsor them though. :)

+ -

Preview? You mean we can't even buy this awesome SSD card now???

I wonder how much it's going to cost when it released; I have my bets down on "a really, really lot."

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$5 - $7 per GB - Final MSRP still TBD: 1.6TB = 1 638.4GB

@$5 = $8,192

@$6 = $9,830

@$7 = $11,469


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These with IBM's multi level cpus that they are working on would be instant or near instant computing?

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Data centers are going to love this thing.

Insane specs for sure.

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