Nikon Coolpix L100 Mega Zoom Camera Review

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Don’t be fooled by the Nikon Coolpix L100’s DSLR-like looks. Although the L100 looks like a high-end camera that could compete with the functions of a DSLR, it’s really a relatively simple point-and-shoot with a wide angle 15x zoom lens as well as image stabilization, a 3-inch LCD, and a high speed burst shooting mode of 13fps that surpasses that of many cameras.

The L100 is part of Nikon’s Life series of digital cameras that are known for their simple and easy to use functions. As Nikon describes it, the Life series is “Powerfully capable–yet simple, at an entry-level price.” Indeed, the L100 offers plenty of fully automatic controls for the user who wants to simply point and shoot. In fact, unlike a lot of mega zoom cameras on the market today, the L100 was designed for fully automatic use and doesn’t offer many manual controls at all.

With an MSRP of about $280, the L100 has a lower price tag than most mega zoom cameras currently available. Beyond the wide angle zoom lens with an equivalent focal length range of 28-420mm, the L100 doesn’t have the same number of bells and whistles as you’ll see on the L100’s higher-priced mega zoom competitors. However, the L100 isn’t completely bare-bones. It still features a 10 megapixel sensor, Nikon’s latest EXPEED image processor, 4-Way VR Image Stabilization, and Nikon's Smart Portrait System which includes red-eye fix, face detection, smile mode, and a blink warning feature. The L100’s high speed burst rate that can capture up to 30 images at 13fps is also sure to attract the attention of users who regularly capture action shots.

Automatic controls, ease of use, and an affordable price tag are certainly appealing, but what’s really important is how well the L100 performs. Carry on reading to find out if the L100 deserves to be your next camera.

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JeffB 5 years ago

Wow, this day and age there is no excuse for not supporting rechargeable batteries.  Major oversight in my opinion.

Mippw 5 years ago

Well now with the latest firmware upgrade it's supported I use ordenary "lowpriced" rechargeables even though i guess they would like me to use their own brand :-)

Works really well and a big improvement from the non rechargeable ones

realneil 5 years ago

I have a Nikon P-90 with a 24X super zoom. Cool

It uses a rechargeable battery and is overall a very nice point and shoot camera. Yes

realneil 4 years ago

The 15X zoom is anemic at best. My Nikon Coolpix P90 has a 24X zoom, (647MM) and now Nikon has just released the Coolpix P100 with an incredible 26X zoom lens and full HD recording too. It's a $400.00 bite out of your wallet, but I'm sure that it's worth every penny of that. Just like my P90 was when I got it.

Here's the P100 Page

denverelrick 4 years ago

My friend is planning to purchase this camera. I suggest him for bit lower but he is not ready with. Though the purpose of his is normal usage. The feature of the looks like the camera is made for expert photographers. I am happy with my sony and really love it.

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