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Lenovo's ThinkPad Tablet: An Android Business Slate

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Lenovo's first business-class Android-based tablet has arrived. The ThinkPad Tablet comes with many of the features business users want and demand from a tablet, including full encryption, remote wipe capabilities, productivity apps, VPN support, pen-based handwriting recognition technology, and more.

Running on Android 3.1, the ThinkPad Tablet comes preloaded with more than 25 free apps. Many of these apps will be useful to business users, such as Documents to Go by DataViz, PrinterShare, Computrace Mobile by Absolute Software, and Citrix Receiver. With the optional digitizer pen, you can also take advantage of the preloaded MyScript Notes Mobile app which lets you take notes, draw, and insert pictures. This program supports handwriting recognition in 27 languages.

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With the tablet's full-size USB port, full-size SD card slot, and microUSB port, transferring files to and from the tablet is easy. The ThinkPad Tablet also has a mini HDMI connector so you can connect the device to a larger display or HDTV for displaying presentations or sharing your favorite video. Using the optional ThinkPad Tablet Keyboard Folio Case, which sells for about $100, you can dock the ThinkPad Tablet and quickly type out a few emails or reports.

First, here's a quick hands-on demo with the new ThinkPad Tablet and then we'll run down user experience, the performance numbers, battery life and more.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet
Specifications & Features

Operating System
Android 3.1
Wi-Fi Options
Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and 3G
NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core ARM processor
Internal Storage
16GB, 32GB, or 64GB (depending on Tablet)
Display Technology
IPS Technology (178º viewing angle), Corning Gorilla glass
Size: 10.1" (257mm), Screen resolution: 1280x800, Automatic brightness control, multitouch technology, Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT LCD) technology, Supports for ThinkPad Tablet Pen input
Battery Life
8.7hrs with Wi-Fi
Integrated Camera
Front-facing camera – 2MP, Rear-facing camera – 5MP
mini HDMI, USB 2.0, micro USB, dock connector
Wireless Features
Wireless LAN, Bluetooth 2.0, 3G on some tablets
Specs and Dimensions
Weight: 742.2gm (about 1.65 pounds)
Wi-Fi: 756.1gm 3G

10.25 x 7.15 x 0.57 inches (HxWxD)
24.1W 3250 mAh Li-Polymer battery
Accelerometer, Gyroscope,  Assisted GPS, Ambient light sensor
Card Slot or Card Reader
SIM card slot, 3-in-1 media card reader
Preloaded Software
Documents To Go, MyScript Notes Mobile, USB Data Transfer Utility, Lenovo Launch Zone, Lenovo SocialTouch, Favorite Apps, User Data and SD Card Encryption, Wi-Fi Import or Export, others
16GB: $499, 32GB: $569, 64GB: $669
ThinkPad Tablet Pen: $30

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Lenovo is currently offering the 16GB, Wi-Fi version of the ThinkPad Tablet for $499. The ThinkPad Tablet Pen is sold as an optional add-on for $30. Various other configuration options for the tablets are available as well, including 32GB and 64GB models.

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Good review, i can see this being more useful than a iPad as of right now. The Remote wipe is a plus, and with all the different ports on the tablet, it makes it easy to bring to a meeting a plug it right up to a projector or tv.

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Great review Jennifer. More are more companies are having support tablets on their networks and this device seems like it would be a good fit for most organizations. The ability to remote wipe is a huge plus considering it won't require an additional program.

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"Its a Good tablet, and with the added support of the Lenovo App Shop, business users should feel assured Lenovo will stand behind them, but I still feel that the Pen should be free. Edit:Excuse me, I meant, included for the price."

+ -

I always wanted a tablet, maybe this Christmas I'll be considering buying one *if there is a good deal*

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This is what the BlackBerry PlayBook tried to be.

I think the prime selling point is that Levono made an rugged looking tablet and included an intuitive interface that compliments Android and even included features Business all over the world would die over. A major plus is Levono's App Store, which should ensure quality apps for Levono owners all around the world.

While it may be more expensive then the PlayBook at some places; it's still what the PlayBook wanted to be.

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What the makers of this tablet don't realize is just how niche of a product this is. 9/10 business men who want a tablet have one already and they are higher quality with better preformance. i doubt this tablet will take off much if at all.

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Before buying this, please search the web for:

thinkpad android gps (still doesn't work for almost anybody)

thinkpad android camera focus (works for some; for others not)

thinkpad android broken micro-USB (no one knows whose is just waiting to break; lots of customers had theirs break)

These problems (and others) have been plaguing the ThinkPad, and Lenovo has been unwilling or unable to deliver a working product some three months after launch.

I am a Lenovo customer, and I've posted about these problems here:


+ -

I wonder if they'll ever start publishing full programs for android...like a full MS Excel. Until that happens, I can only use a tablet to review, not really create work. But I love trying to see what new technology might help me out in my day to day life!

+ -

If Lenovo doesn't price it right with some unique features, it stands no chance in the Tablet galore that's been going on.

+ -

They should work with Microsoft to get the Office suite onboard, this way they can really market to their audience--businesses. General consumers don't have a need for this kind of tablet...yet

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