Dell Latitude E6430S Business Grade Laptop

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We kicked off our tests of the Dell Latitude E6430S with some established benchmarks. SiSoftware’s SANDRA (System Analyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) has several tests designed to test specific components and types of computer usage. Cinebench runs sophisticated CPU and GPU tests.

Synthetic Benchmarks


Given its components, the E6430S isn’t meant to knock anyone’s socks off, and it didn’t. But the laptop established itself right away as a solid middle-of-the-road performer. At this price point, that’s what you should be looking for – a system that doesn’t stagger under the weight of typical business apps.


Our test system includes only a single SSD, which performed very well. It would have been interesting to test it in a SSD/HDD combo configuration, however, which is the way most users would configure the laptop when buying it, we suspect. It’s hard to say no to the storage space an HDD provides, though cloud storage will likely change that perspective for many people in the next few years.

Cinebench R11.5 64-bit
Content Creation Performance

Maxon’s content creation benchmark makes use of 3D demos to see how your laptop’s processor and graphics processor handle heavy-duty computational lifting. The tests are based on Cinema 4D, which is content creation software published by Maxon.

The E6430S put up some decent numbers in the CPU portion of this test. The GPU-based test results landed right where we expected them to, however: a little bit behind the performance of the Dell Latitude E6530.

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This latest offering by Dell looks like a very poor attempt to compete with the Apple Macbook Pro Line that dominates laptops used by professionals.

In the business world where the Brand of a laptop is just as important in a professional's apperance as in the Brand of car a professional would drive is direct symbol of their success. The reputation of the Apple Brand still represents success among professionals.

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Actually it's a great looking little laptop. Not everyone is trying to be a Mac, and the business world is dominated by Dell and Lenovo, with a shot of HP in the mix too.

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I work with several large clients a week, and believe me, the Mac is NOT the laptop of choice for professionals in the project management space. I would have a Mac but I can not bear the thought of installing Windows on such a fine machine. If only Intuit and Apple would get it together!!!

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