Acer Aspire 1551 11.6" Notebook Review

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 Performance with Half-Life 2 Episode 2 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Gaming Performance

To touch on gaming performance, we chose two games that draw moderately on system resources, Half-Life 2 Episode 2 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. We then ran a pre-recorded demo of each at a resolution of 1280x800. The resulting performance achieved is indicated in frames per second in the graph below.

Here's where the $499 Eee PC 1215N looks like a far better choice. The Ion 2 on that machine helps it handle 3D games, while the Acer Aspire 1551 here doesn't fare so well. We were able to crank the details all the way down, and set the resolution levels as low as they would go in order to get a semi-playable experience on these titles, but it's not enjoyable. Nor is it recommended. The 1551 isn't a gaming machine. But it's a netbook, after all. The Radeon HD 4225 IGP is plenty capable of handling HD multi-media, but not so much 3D games. It shouldn't come as a surprise, but if you had any lingering doubts, let these figures drown those out.

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InfinityzeN1 4 years ago

Acer has been using AMD Neo CPUs in their netbooks for a while now.  This one looks like an updated Acer Ferrari One netbook without the Ferrari trim.  A newer CPU and newer (and slower) GPU.  HDD range is the same, keyboard layout is the same, ram is the same, OS is the same.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking this thing.  It comes in about $200 less, while it should perform faster in everything but games.  Well worth the money.

Dave_HH 4 years ago

Yes, it's a decent machine. I tested it out as well. It does need a stronger GPU but Zacate is coming for that.

InfinityzeN1 4 years ago

And seeing as Acer is such an AMD fan in their netbooks, I'm betting their one of the first out the gate with a Zacate netbook Dave.

Dave_HH 4 years ago

Id' say you're probably right there, mh. :)

mhenriday 4 years ago

The specs aren't bad, but why a HDD spinning at only 5400 rpm ?...


realneil 4 years ago

Overall, it's a nice little PC.

As to the low battery life, it will only be a short time before you can buy double sized batteries on E-Bay for it. I got one for my HP laptop that was 1/3 the price of a regular one from HP and had twice the number of cells in it. The factory original battery had died, and not long after I recycled it, HP came out with a 'free battery replacement' program for my laptop. The 'double-stuff' battery works really well though.

BTW: The  3D-mark performance chart says 'lower scores are better', but maybe should read that higher scores are better.

Dave_HH 4 years ago

That's pretty standard for thin and light, lower cost machines these days, Infinity. I don't see how a 7200RPM drive would take cost up that much but I suppose, when you talk about notebook drives, where on the fly head parking is required to mitigate shock and vibe damage (and areal density is much lower), the cost model definitely scales up much quicker than desktop drives.

InfinityzeN1 4 years ago

Errr Dave, I think you mixed me and  mh up.

cavinbill115 3 years ago

Like the review... puts my X340 to shame in performance and battery life, but that's what happens over the course of a year. Also, these low end, <=$500 notebooks are perfect for students to use in class! (I can vouch for that)

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