Survey Finds Mobile Users More Interested in iPhone 5 than "Pointless" iPad Mini

Popular tablets like Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7 built by Asus seem to prove that the late Steve Jobs was dead wrong in saying 7-inch "tweener" devices have no place in the market, but maybe what he meant to say is that Apple users aren't interested in such things. If that is what he meant to say, then a new survey backs his claim and shows he was right to avoid the tweener category.

A coupon site pinged nearly 1,900 people on how they felt about the upcoming iPhone 5 and oft rumored iPad mini device. Surprisingly, almost 8 out 10 -- or 78 percent, to be precise -- of respondents said they're rather own an iPhone 5. Why so? Well, 46 percent said the iPad mini was "pointless," while 39 percent stated they'd use their iPhone more often (which is really just another way of saying the iPad mini is pointless, no?).

The survey doesn't represent the populace at large, but mostly existing Apple product owners. Out of the 78 percent who said they'd shun the iPad mini, 77 percent already own an iPhone. And of the few who would prefer an iPad mini over an iPhone, over half -- 52 percent -- already own an iPad. Out of all survey respondents, 76 percent already own an Apple product of some sort.

What do you think, should Apple release an iPad mini, or leave that segment to Android?
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insidesin 2 years ago

My opinion may be biased because I've always had a general dislike towards tablets in general but I don't see the "point" in such small screen tablets. Trying to do the job of a full fledged tablet but more in the capacity of a small screen phone.

pwrntspd 2 years ago

Its funny, ive talked to a number of my friends about tablets. None of them have an ipad or any other tablet, but almost all of them have a smart phone, iphone or other. The biggest complaint i have heard is that the ipad is too large, even my mother, who has an original kindle, said she would look into an ipad if it were smaller. Personally im not a tablet person, its a toy and id rather have a PS vita ( i can make my own backup battery) but i think for most people who are actually interested in getting a tablet the ipad mini might tickle their fancy.

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