iSuppli: Western Digital to Rule the HDD Universe

In the chase for first place among hard drive makers, Western Digital's acquisition of Hitachi should pay off handsomely. Market research firm iSuppli reckons the purchase will net WDC a commanding 49.6 percent share of global HDD shipments, increasing its lead over Seagate (29.4 percent) from just 2 percentage points to 20.2 percentage points. Equally important, the purchase opens the door for WDC into the enterprise HDD segment, iSuppli says.

"The enterprise HDD market garners significantly higher margins than the consumer segment, which makes the enterprise a fast-growing market for HDD revenue," said Zhang. "To date, WDC has largely been absent from the enterprise segment. However, Hitachi GST brings WDC the essential technology, product portfolio and experience required to compete in the enterprise segment."

Image Credit: iSuppli

Hitachi currently offers both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch HDDs with SATA and SAS interfaces and has plenty of experience in this area. That's a big gain for WDC, and so is the fact that it now dominates a HDD market that could see sales start to dwindle as lower cost, higher capacity solid state drives and flash memory (mobile devices) grow in popularity.
Via:  iSuppli
coolice 3 years ago

Well, the the rise of SSD's from various companies... it would be interesting to look at this graph, lets say 3-4 years from now when the prices/gb of ssd's fall even further.

infinityzen1 3 years ago

Considering tha graph is only HDDs, it won't change much other than the four players (after HGST goes byebye) will have shuffled around a bit.

What I would like to see in a few years is a pie chart with two things on it, SDD sales and HDD sales. I say in a few years because today it would be one solid color with a little thin line.

ThunderBird 3 years ago

That's all fine and dandy for WD but the future is SSD. For this reason I don't understand the logic behind the acquisition.

OCZ is clearly the leader in the space where it counts IMO and that is SSD.

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