iPad Deleted from Best Buy Inventory Systems: Signal of Early iPad 2 Release?

Possible further evidence that Apple may be planning a surprise for the iPad 2 event scheduled for Wednesday comes via this new report. A Best Buy source told MacRumors that all iPad models have now show a status of "deleted" at the source's store.

The source further provided screenshots which showed both the 16GB wi-fi-only and 16GB 3G iPads as "deleted" in the store's inventory system. Although it was clear from Apple's invitation to tomorrow's event (10AM PST in San Francisco) that it would be an iPad event, it is (as always) unclear when the device will hit retail.

However, rumors have indicated that Apple might introduce the new iPad 2 into retail quickly, as quickly as the same week, to offset the expected wave of Honeycomb-based Android tablets that launched on Feb. 24 with the Motorola Xoom.
Via:  Apple Insider
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Papapak 3 years ago

wow i would love to see that, but i hope the new ipad will be A LOT better than the original one...

coolice 3 years ago

well.... apples on its toes... with the xoom already out, and the playbook on the horizon (looks damn good imo), they have no other option other than to get the product out to the market asap.

infinityzen1 3 years ago

Just remember that this is just the 16GB iPad.

rapid1 3 years ago

This iPad from everything I have heard is really more of a refresh than a new device. We will of course know in about 2-3 Hrs (I am assuming the conference in PST). as well. So it is wait and see right now. Apple really seems to be working hard especially if what seems to be happening is the truth. I say that because from what I have been able to gather this is more of a device refresh, and the fully new iPad will be delivered in the Aug-Oct time frame.

If anyone has watched this the Verizon iPhone is a big pointer really. I say this because the people who jumped on in week 1 of that smart phone were 1 of 2. They either hate At&t and want out, or they have been waiting on an iPhone on Verizon for quite some time. Either way I would say they are all Apple fan club devotees as least to the greater part. Therefore they may very well grab one in the next month, and also get another 1 in the Aug-Oct release if that device actually comes, and is significantly different.

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