Windows XP Goes EOL Tomorrow, Migrate Or Prepare For Immediate Vulnerability

For those of you who have been holding onto Windows XP for the past decade, it may seem surreal to stare down at its long overdue expiration date. You might have even been secretly (or openly) hoping Microsoft would issue a last minute stay of execution. Hey, it's been a good run, but now it's time to face reality, and the reality is Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP after tomorrow. That means no more security updates or calls to tech support.

On a larger scale, it also means there's going to be a lot of unprotected PCs sitting in the wild. Any new vulnerability that is discovered after tomorrow will go unpatched from Microsoft, and you better believe malware writers are anxious to take advantage of that fact. It's even feasible that some hackers have already discovered new security holes, but are refraining from exploiting them until Microsoft turns its back on XP.

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"Some hackers are bound to be hanging on to exploits and waiting for support to end," Chris Sherman, a security analyst at Forrester Research, told ComputerWorld. "If you knew of a vulnerability, why wouldn't you?"

It's not going to mark the end of the world, but certainly hackers will use this rare opportunity to wreak as much havoc as they can. They'll also look at future updates to Vista and Windows 7 to see what kind of vulnerabilities Microsoft is patching, and then check to see if those same (or similar) security holes exist in XP.

All this is to say it's time to migrate, and the sooner the better. If you stick with XP, your best bet is to disconnect from the Internet altogether if that's a feasible solution. Otherwise, you should consider ditching Internet Explorer and using a third-party browser that will continue to be updated. You should also strongly consider running security software.

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For those who plan to migrate, Microsoft has been offering incentives to make it a little easier. Still today Microsoft is offering Windows XP users $100 off the purchase of select Windows 8 PCs, along with 90 days of free premium support and free data transfer.
JefferyPruett 8 months ago

aww got to rejoice and boot my xp the final time today :( u will be missed

ThomasBeaver 8 months ago

shame to see it come to a end and im sure it will live on in history

JefferyPruett 8 months ago

Yeah probably someone will look at the brighter things of this fantastic OS and make XP 2.0 :D

CalicalCarlos 8 months ago

Way easy to get hack using it look at card readers like target

DavidWebb1 8 months ago

lipe123 8 months ago

"Prepare For Immediate Vulnerability" really?!

It's been around since 1999/2000 if they haven't found all the vulnerabilities by now they never will. This is just a lot of hype to scare old folks into buying new computers.

basroil2 8 months ago

Issue isn't that the vulnerabilities haven't been found, it's that people are hoarding exploits. There's been dearth of vulnerability patches as of late, which is more likely fewer being reported than fewer existing. You can expect that 4/9 will see a host of new malware being released, and even more in the months to come. A single vulnerability is easy to protect against even with post execution mitigation, multiple vulnerabilities are a bit more problematic.

StaticFX 8 months ago

i heard that a few companies are paying MS to continue support (privately) for a while long while they upgrade.....


.... really?? you STILL arent upgraded? lol its 2014!!!

JefferyPruett 8 months ago

LOL true that

PasiElo 8 months ago

Never liked that "toy" look anyways. Windows 8.1 is the best windows ever. Just use something that returns the start menu.

RichardGreen 8 months ago

except over here in the uk where the british govermentt have paid microsoft £5.5 million to continue support for a few years more...seeing as all of our ATMs run xp, lol

kidbest100 8 months ago

Long live Windows XP.

I installed you as my first operating system in third grade...

acarzt 8 months ago

XP was pretty great. But ive moved on. I had vista for a short while then moved to 7 and now im on 8 but i am still procrastinating going to 8.1.

RJeffries 8 months ago

I can understand the people that held off on Windows 8 all together, but why hold off on 8.1? It's changes are subtle but for the better and the soon to be released update is even better than that! Trust Me ;-)

acarzt 8 months ago

I've heard of horror stories when updating to 8.1... while the odds are probably pretty slim of anything bad happening now... I just don't have to time to deal with it, if something does come up :-P

digitaldd 8 months ago

I'd say everything is vulnerable once connected to a network. And to those holding off from upgrading if you are smart about using the computer you should be OK. of course the more time goes by the more features that newer operating systems add might eventually get you to upgrade your computer. I would say get a new system instead of updating the OS on the old one as most hardware running XP probably can't hack a newer OS unless you decide to go with a lighter linux distro.

Pancake Effect 8 months ago

Windows 7 is a million times better than XP, I see no reason why xp shouldn't be phased out. I know it's still around for business legacy devices though...I work with them a lot. I imagine someone that has a million dollar equipment attached to a console running's kind of hard to upgrade that.

I have windows 8 at home, it's "okay" but not great. I only use it for the better performance. I hate it for dual screen usage. The control panel bar is a nightmare trying to grab it on a dual screen.

Hopefully Windows 9 will be better, that's what I'm waiting out for. Either Windows 9 or if if the Steam OS get's a little more feature rich, I'll throw a VM with Windows 7 on it then I will be golden.

RJeffries 8 months ago

I remember how excited I was with the Beta of Windows XP! This is a sad day for those of us with fond memories of Windows XP! I've installed and re-installed it countless times at a repair shop.

JefferyPruett 8 months ago

The Dream Out of a Box! :) Rejoice its Last day with us

Mike Coyne 8 months ago

I do remember that I used Windows xp for about 9 years. It was so easy to use and learn. Until about almost 4 years ago I did move to new Windows 7. I want to say, Good bye to good old friend, Windows XP.

MurrayMcKeon 8 months ago

Good Riddance to bad rubbish.. XP should have died sooner....I love win 7 and 8 and 8.1 looking forward to 9.....

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