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Windows 7 Beats Vista By 234% In First Week Sales

Windows 7 Beats Vista By 234% In First Week Sales

We wouldn't expect Microsoft to say anything other than positive things about Windows 7, but it's another thing when an independent company comes out and confirms that Windows 7 really is off to a good start. But one has to wonder--are sales of Win7 doing well because people can't wait to rid themselves of Vista? Or are sales of Win7 doing well because of Win7's own merits?

Whatever the case, Microsoft's newest operating system is off to a fantastic start, with sales of the system up 234% (during its first week on the market) compared to Vista during its first week. Regardless of your opinion on things, that's a large percentage, particularly during a time period where people are pinching pennies and are more likely than ever to remain on their current OS for the time being.

"Microsoft's program of early low-cost pre-sales, high visibility marketing, and aggressive deals helped make the Windows 7 software launch successful," said NPD vice president of analysis Stephen Baker. "In a slow environment for packaged software Windows 7 brought a large number of customers into the software aisles," he said.

Microsoft's Head of Windows Experience, Julie Larson-Green says the OS development train isn't just stopping here obviously.  Larson-Green notes: "Emerging trends, such as gesture-controlled interfaces, like that found on Microsoft’s prototype Project Natal gaming system, are also of particular interest. “There are things we’re learning about that weren’t there at the start of Windows 7.” (credit:

Julie Larson-Green - Microsoft Corporate VP, Windows Experience
Photo, credit:  Microsoft

Of course sales weren't the only thing going up in Redmond. Revenue from Win7 also surpassed Vista by 83% out of the gate, and the OS also gave a nice bump to sales of new PCs. Were you one of those who snagged Win7 early? Are you pleased with the upgrade?


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I guess my "doesn't suck as bad as Vista" slogan had some impact!

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Windows 7 Starter "Cripple" Edition


-> 32bit Only (Must use slower PC)
-> 1 CPU Supported Only (Must use crappy PC)
-> Cannot Create a Home Group (Don't Share)
-> Cannot Backup to Network (No network back)
-> No Multiple Monitor Support
-> No Fast user switching
-> No Changeable Desktop Wallpaper
-> No Desktop Window Manager
-> No Windows Mobility Center
-> No Windows Aero Glass Themes
-> No Aero glass remoting
-> No Multitouch
-> No Premium Games Included
-> No Windows Media Center
-> No Windows Media Player Remote Media Experience
-> No Encrypting File System
-> No Location Aware Printing
-> No Remote Desktop Host
-> No Presentation Mode
-> No Windows Server domain joining
-> No Windows XP Mode
-> No AppLocker
-> No BitLocker Drive Encryption
-> No BranchCache Distributed Cache
-> No Direct Access
-> No Subsystem for Unix-based Applications
-> No Multilingual User Interface Pack
-> No Virtual Hard Disk Booting


Microsoft builds in all these restrictions, then plans to charge you big money to remove them. Is this the type of "Features" you want to purchase?

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Windows 7 has NO upgrade available for Windows XP users Julie Larson-Green!

Also, there is no point of replacing Windows XP to run legacy software, since Windows 7 makes you use Windows XP in a virtual machine!

Why pay double cost, to experience slower performance and without 3D support, on highest cost VT hardware?

But wait, what is the compelling reason to switch from XP to Windows 7? It can't be for DRM, IRM, DMI, TPM, HDCP or WGA/WAT in Windows 7 that restrict, limit and block PC usage, right?

And all that censorship, you think with the latest and best OS, at least you could watch a Blueray movie, but W7 doesn't even support playback!

Windows 7 sure looks a lot like windows Vista, just relabeled and repackaged!

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Don't believe the HYPE, Microsoft used the same tactic before, making wild claims about selling over 100 Million Vista... only they NEVER counted Windows XP downgrades which counted as Vista sales! So, the statics were all bogus!

Well, Microsoft is now PUSHING Windows 7, by any and all means, including unhealthy Burger King Windows 7 Whopper in Japan, and as an OEM-DSP (original equipment manufacture delivery service partner) Japanese version of "Nanami Windows 7" Ultimate Edition, as the official Japanese Windows 7 Chan endorsed Mascot Character!

The Japanese actress Nana Mizuki (奈々水樹) who is famous for her voicing in Naruto's Hinata and Nanoha's Fate Testarossa, will be featured in 3 voice and event sounds packs for the anime character of Nanami Madobe (窓辺ななみ) along with some original wallpaper.

Microsoft certainly hypes everything up, but that still doesn't make Windows 7 an better than Vista... In fact, HP's printers still don't work with Windows 7, no hardware drivers available yet! HP has 54% of the printer market, so how can windows 7 be ready without hardware driver support? Sounds a lot like Vista 2 all over again, just relabeled and repackaged!

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>> Don't believe the HYPE, Microsoft used the same tactic before

"Microsoft: sales of Vista twice as fast as XP" -

I keep seeing percentages for Win7 sales, but not the actual numbers.  I'm beginning to wonder how direct user purchases actually compares to other operating systems.  A single Linux distro (Ubuntu) has been downloaded via torrent almost 19 million times since mid-September (  I wonder what the numbers would be if you included direct downloads and the hundred other distros out there?

At least Microsoft's incidental changes broke compatibility with 2 out of 10 viruses/trojans.  The other 8 ran fine, though UAC did actually ask for confirmation upon installing *one* of them:

Expect Mac adverts to continue attacking the security aspects of Windows for a long time.

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When users were asked to upgrade to Vista, they had a viable OS in XP already. Vista adaptation was slow because it was a Stinking, Steaming Turd of an OS and was totally unmanageable until the first service pack was released to the public. The service pack fixed allot of problems, but only brought the OS up to barely acceptable performance standards. VISTA was, is, and will always be a resource hog for no good reason other than it's bloated code. Many of bought into the hype and purchased Vista in advance. I bought three copies of Vista Ultimate before it was released going mainly on the claims of grandeur pumped out by Microsoft's advertising machine. I feel like I was ripped off, plain and simple. I never got any value for my money spent because I had to go back to XP-Professional on all three boxes to retain any kind of decent performance with them.

They were smart to give the next OS away for a year and let us try it out. It is what Vista never was and never will be. I want it for all three machines but I absolutely refuse to buy them all just on principle. "Once Bitten-Twice Shy" is how the saying goes.

It's a weird situation because I know how good Win7 is, but I remain way too pissed off about Vista to pay them again. I'll do without until I can get it for next to nothing somehow.

Ubuntu is a wonderful OS and the price is right. I also have the capability to go back to XP-Professional anytime I want to and it works just fine.

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