Weezer Breaks World Records With Video Premier

Weezer has done it again in a stroke of viral genius.  With their recent exclusive Yahoo! video release of the song "Trouble Maker, they offer a encore show-stealing performance.  Just as they did with the ground-breaking YouTube release of their hit "Pork and Beans", where they featured a number of viral internet video "stars", the group breaks new ground by once again, calling upon a "crowd sourced' concept, getting their fans into the act in a very special way.  In August, the band shot the video for Troublemaker in Los Angeles where they summoned fans to help them break several world records.  The entire shoot was overseen by Guiness Book of World Records official Stuart Claxton, who was their to verify the group's record-breaking efforts and verify the events which included: 

  • Longest Guitar Hero World Tour Marathon, lasting for 10 hours, 12 minutes and 54 seconds
  • Largest Air Guitar Ensemble which included 233 participants
  • Largest Game of Dodgeball which consisted of two teams of 50 people each
  • Most People in a Custard Pie Fight with 120 individuals
  • The Biggest Weezer Logo Made of Nachos
  • Most People Riding on a Skateboard with 22 people on a single ride

You've got to love this band's creativity, innovation and just plain kick-assedness.  And now, we bring you Weezer's - Troublemaker...

 I'm gonna be a star
And people
Will crane necks
To get a glimpse of me
And see
If I am having a sex
In studying
And my moves
They try
To understand
Why I am so unlike
The singers
In the other bands

 Indeed you are Rivers Cuomo, indeed you are.  Once again, bravo.

Via:  Y! Music
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3vi1 6 years ago

>> The Biggest Weezer Logo Made of Nachos

Remember when world records were only for things that were really admirable? Like: fastest 100yd dash, or highest pole vault, or being the world's heaviest twins on mini-bikes?

If anyone here spells out their name in nachos, it's most likely the biggest spelling of their name in nachos.  I guess what I'm saying is:  "World Records" shouldn't be easily creatable by anyone with just a little time and a few nachos.

It should take a lot of time, a lot of nachos, and a mini-bike.

Dave_HH 6 years ago

Hahah! Good point 3vi1 one, so true. In this case, I think it was pretty much a cheeky thing that they had the Guiness Book of World Records present for the shoot. What is surprising to me is that they were able to take the world's largest Dodgeball game with only 100 people. What's up with that? Where's Ben Stiller when you need him? Sheesh!

3vi1 6 years ago

>> What is surprising to me is that they were able to take the world's largest Dodgeball game with only 100 people

That also struck me as odd.  In Junior High, we had these weird holidays where there were no classes and the coaches would pitt all the multiple classrooms against each other at various sports.  I would swear we had Dodgeball with at *least* 50 on 50.... and I'm from a small school!  If there haven't been bigger games, I would be surprised.

It was a special private school - they made us wear special uniforms.

Four years later, I found out I had been working at Arby's.

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

I love weezer. I bet they are some fun guys to hang out with and geeks to boot. Those are some odd records. Have you guys ever seen the Guiness book of world records show? There are some odd records.

ice_73 6 years ago

now remember, the worlds record of biggest dump is held in the European Fecal Standards and Measurements Office 

(south park reference...)  

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