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Warning: Bogus Job Applications Contain Malware

Warning: Bogus Job Applications Contain Malware

Ever the crafty (and malicious) bunch, malware writers added a new trick to an old scam, and it appears to be working. According to the Internet Crime Complain Center (IC3), a recent FBI analysis reveals that cyber crooks are targeting employers with fake job applications capable of wreaking havoc.

"Recently, more than $150,000 was stolen from a U.S. business via unauthorized wire transfer as a result of an email the business received that contained malware," IC3 warns. "The malware was embedded in an email response to a job posting the business placed on an employment website and allowed the attacker to obtain the online banking credentials of the person who was authorized to conduct financial transactions within the company."

The common sense practice of scanning email attachments would go a long way in preventing this sort of thing from happening, but IC3 says "the FBI also recommends that businesses use separate computer systems to conduct financial transactions."
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Wow, this is fascinating. A friend of mine applied for a job through Kijiji.ca

She got the job and they requested her social insurance number, health card (for insurance?), plus a few other pieces of identification. So she went to work the first day a week later to the address provided... It was a residential house. Upon knocking on the door, it was a family.

SCAMMED, a few days later, shes getting calls and letters from random credit card companies about her application and what not.

Scary stuff.

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