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Unofficial VLC Player Build Lands on Android in Beta Form

Unofficial VLC Player Build Lands on Android in Beta Form

You can't very well call yourself a power user if you don't have VLC installed on your desktop system, the popular media player that will play anything nearly anything and everything you throw at it. Wouldn't it be rad if VLC was available on Android? The answer is 'yes' and, to an extend, VLC for Android has arrived.

It's an unofficial build, and it's also currently in beta, but it's available to download, provided you're rocking a rooted Android device with one of the supported chipsets. There are three main build variants available:
  1. ARMv6/ARM11
  2. ARMv7a/Cortex-A8/NEON
  3. ARMv7a/Cortex-A9

To break it down even further, a common device list of supported devices includes:

  • Snapdragon S1 --> ARM11
  • Snapdragon S2/S2 --> Cortex-A8/NEON
  • Snapdragon S4 --> Cortex-A9
  • Tegra 2 --> Cortex-A9
  • Hummingbird --> Cortex-A8/NEON
  • Exynos --> Cortex-A9
  • OMAP3 --> Cortex-A8/NEON
  • OMAP4 --> Cortex-A9

You also have to be rocking either a Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, which shouldn't be an issue for any modern Android device. There have been over 20,000 downloads of the beta build so far, and if you want to join in the fun, you can do so here.

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I've been using VLC since 2006 not only because it always works, but it's the only software that will let you play different region settings. My laptop got stuck on region 1 once after traveling to different continents on the planet (that was in the good old days of DVD, remember?). Don't even bother using quick time on your Mac, even when you pay for the pro version, it'll stop working when the next version is available. Real Player? Are you kidding? Windows Media Player? DivX? Try to use that before downloading the latest.Yeah, right... VLC is doing everything that all others combined can't. VLC is the underdog that delivers. I hope they continue to provide the best video player in the world. Being able to watch HD content without having a blu ray drive was probably the biggest "bonus" for having VLC installed.

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lol VLC the underdog? Look how many downloads VLC has got. MPC-HC is the real underdog. Also VLC, has skipping issues. Try skipping around a lot, the video will garble. MPC-HC can be used with madVR, a high quality video renderer that is GPU assisted. Also, LAV Filters are a set of open-source DirectShow filters that have better performance than FFDshow for decoding without comprise. Also, VLC has a long history of being crap in comparison to MPlayer and MPC-HC.


tl;dr VLC is not the underdog and is crap to the many other media players out there. Everything is better than Quicktime.

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"rocking a rooted Android device" Any droid will work, you just have to allow install from a plce other than the market...

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