Tobii's Eye Tracking IS-2E Paves The Way For New Interface

Every so often, a piece of unusual technology comes our way that we can't help but gush over. And it's not a GPU, a PSU, a CPU or any other three-letter combination that we usually get excited over. It's an IS-2S, so four letters and a dash. Technology within a box or a chassis is certainly amazing, but it's wonderful to branch out from time to time and realize that technology is doing much more than simply enabling higher frame rates; it's changing lives. Tobii Technology is a company that specializes in eye tracking and gaze interaction, and today they announced the introduction of its next-generation eye tracking integration component, the Tobii IS-2 Eye Tracker.

"By introducing the smallest and most reliable eye-tracking system on the market, we are bringing the power of eye tracking and gaze interaction to a wide range of products and applications," said Henrik Eskilsson, CEO of Tobii Technology. "We are working intensely with dozens of partners that are realizing an array of exciting products based on our eye-tracking component. Imagination is truly the only limit of what you can do with eye tracking."

The IS-2 Eye Tracker is a complete eye-tracking system that makes it possible to easily add eye-tracking capabilities to a wide variety of products. In addition, the Tobii IS-2 price point has been lowered, size has been reduced by 75 percent and it uses 40% less power. The entire OEM component is integrated on a single board with system-independent processing, which allows for a very small physical footprint and seamless integration into various products. Needless to say, eye tracking in the computing realm could open up all sorts of new possibilities, particularly for computer users with certain handicaps, and we're more than excited to see this adopted in the market. Have a look in the video, and you will be as well.

Via:  Tobii
RTietjens 2 years ago

"it uses 40 less power."

40 percent? 40 watts? 40 gigawatts?

realneil 2 years ago

I like the possibilities for handicapped people with this technology.

This is the kind of story that I love to see. The kind of technology that I enjoy hearing about.

Dave_HH 2 years ago

Correction made. Thanks

OMEGADraco 2 years ago

It sounds like similar technology to having Kinect built into a laptop computer. Very neat stuff and I could see all kinds of uses for eye tracking.

rapid1 2 years ago

Yes Omega I see all kinds of uses as well for everyone including the blind and or handicapped. I personally am legally deaf which means I am 100% deaf in my right ear and 80% deaf (for me personally that's not a definition of legally deaf) in my left ear. I use a hearing aid which helps immensely and it is unidirectional as well as internal in my left ear. There is a lot of development in these fields that are generally not notated as least by the public. However; many of the things that come from these developments have functionality that can be used across a very large amount of applications.

realneil 2 years ago

[quote user="rapid1"]I personally am legally deaf which means I am 100% deaf in my right ear and 80% deaf (for me personally that's not a definition of legally deaf) in my left ear.[/quote]

Is this the result of the bad night you had on that bridge? (years ago?)

inspector 2 years ago

Looking forward to a eye controlled mouse :D

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