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Time Warner To Offer Premium VOD Service

Time Warner To Offer Premium VOD Service

How much will you pay for instant gratification? Time Warner is hoping you'll pay $30 to $50 for the privilege of watching a new movie from home just days or weeks after it makes its debut in theaters. Big Hollywood studios and pay-TV carriers have been considering the idea of premium on-demand offerings for some time. Now, Time Warner is ready to give the idea a try.

The new service could be available as soon as this summer. During an earnings call recently, Time Warner's CEO Jeff Bewkes told investors and analysts that his company is getting close to having an agreement with distributors regarding when these premium video-on-demand offerings will be available and how much they will cost. Variety reports the movies will likely cost between $30 and $50.

Although $30 to $50 may sound like a high price to pay, especially considering you can purchase a Blu-ray title for less than that, no one ever said instant gratification comes cheap. Furthermore, if you consider the comfort of watching a movie from home, the cost of movie tickets, popcorn, and a drink as well as parking and gas for the car, the cost may not seem so unreasonable—especially if you have a few friends to split the cost with.

What are your thoughts? Would you pay a premium to watch a summer hit at home shortly after it arrives in theaters? Or does the idea sound like a rip off?

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You mean I get to watch movies at my own discretion, at home, without ever leaving the couch, for much more then I'd pay at theaters? Where do I sign?

All joking aside, I don't get why Time Warner and DirecTV are trying to do premium VOD services where they get movies that are in theaters just days or weeks after they're released. Don't they know how much money they put into building these theaters that we see?

All I can say is that it's a bad idea. It undermines the purpose of going to theaters, it's a gimmicky business move (what's wrong with waiting for our movies people, especially if they come out days before it's released on Blu-Ray) at that and it'll lead to HD quality cuts of movies appearing on BitTorrent (it doesn't matter if they make it one play only, once they figure out how to record the movies, it's all over for Hollywood.

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$30-$50 means that I'll continue to wait for the DVD's to come out before I see the movie.

That's what I do now and I'm not suffering at all, seeing as though it's a brand new movie to me! Big Smile

Maybe,............................if they were to donate 65% of all that money to feed the poor, or build houses for the homeless, that would still give them a FAIR PROFIT,........and make me feel better about being sexually assaulted through my wallet.

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