Teen Gets Grinched, Phone Book Instead of PS3

It was the present he'd wanted most for Christmas. And 13-year-old Brandon Burns tore into the sealed PlayStation 3 box to find ... a Thousand Oaks phone book.

A Camarillo, Calif. teen dreamed of getting a popular game for Christmas, and he got it, almost. 13-year-old Brandon Burns tore the gift wrapped box to find that his parents got him a PlayStation 3. But when he opened the sealed box what he found was a yellow telephone book.

He says was amused by the whole thing.

His parents weren't amused.

A later report indicates the matter was resolved.   Good thing, though since that box was shrink-wrapped, where did the PS3 go?  We have our suspicions, what about you readers?

Via:  FoxNews Utah
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mazuki 6 years ago
i bought my still running ATI Radeon x800XTPE when it came out and was no longer being shipped by ATI directly, only 3rd party manufacturers were shipping.

well i got a large book along with a calendar from FHM US magazine, needless to say i threatened them with the BBB and sent back the book after they agreed to send me a new one with red security tape sealing it.

well to this day this card is still kicking, i have yet to find a game that it can't run well, except all the games out now with pixel shader 3.0 :(

oh well, i kept the calendar, and the card, and now am happy
Forbin Rhodes 6 years ago

 I have a 800xt sitting in my dustbin. know who needs one? I replaced it with the 1950 pro 512 mb.

Der Meister 6 years ago

Funny, but sad. At least i have my PS3 now all i need is some cool games to come out soon.

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