T-Mobile G1 Is No Longer For Sale: An Android Legend Passes On

It's the end of an era, but honestly, it's not an end that we're going to be tearing up about. T-Mobile's G1 has just left the building, which is somewhat sad to hardcore Android lovers, but it's a great sign of forward progress for everyone else. The HTC-built G1 is largely remembered as the world's first Android phone, and the design at the time was something of a novelty. Today, hundreds of Android phones exist, but none were as old, sluggish and limited as the G1.

At the time of its birth, the G1 was a huge hit, and it meant that the iPhone finally had some decent competition. But the G1 was limited by a 528MHz processor and a 480x320 resolution display, not to mention the tiny amount of internal storage. But the G1 started a revolution that has eventually led to the Nexus One, DROID Incredible, HTC EVO 4G and DROID X.

As of today, the G1 doesn't appear to be available for sale as a new unit from any of the usual suspects, including T-Mobile USA and Amazon. But be sure to take a moment and thank the now-dead G1 for what it did for the smartphone industry.
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inspector 4 years ago

Going to miss you old thing! My sister got this when it came out and it was a pretty nice phone, It was the first smart phone i put my hands on and got to use :). Then we both got iphones and it was put away and then given to her friend... :)

acarzt 4 years ago

With all these 1Ghz cell phones on the market... 528Mhz seems slow :-P

animatortom 4 years ago

At the rate that phones are being developed I am not surprised! You would think at some point they would focus on providing better service at lower prices! Not on how to up the manufacturing in foreign countries and out dating product as quickly as possible?

I would rather see one amazingly perfect IPhone every two years then Half Azzed ones every six months.

acarzt 4 years ago

lol... I would rather just see the iphone go away :-D But that's just me.

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